Wednesday, April 16, 2008


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I'm on Day 3 of my 100 Day Raw Food Challenge, and this morning when Basil left the house, I heard him singing, "97 glasses of wheatgrass on the wall...".

Yesterday was a much better day as far as cravings were concerned. I made guacamole for lunch, and saved some for my after work snack. It was the perfect thing to get me through wind down time without me wanting to go binge on the leftover hamburger that Basil and Beckett had for dinner.

I wasn't tempted to have a burger at dinnertime because I made my famous & amazing kick ass rosemary salad dressing that I have to share with you because OH MY GOD it will change your life. A salad is only as good as the dressing you put on it, my dear.

Beth's Most Amazing Rosemary Dressing
2 TBS Italian Parsley, chopped into tiny tiny pieces
2 TBS Fresh Rosemary chopped into tiny tiny pieces
4 TBS Olive Oil
4 TBS Red Wine Vinegar
4 TBS Rice VInegar
Sea Salt and Pepper to Taste

Combine all ingredients in sealed container, and shake shake shake until blended. Pour over salad, and toss.

This dressing is the same one I use on the Pear Salad over at Lazy Day Gourmet. So, don't think that it can only be used on savory salads. The dressing itself is very savory, but when you throw in pears or apples, it's a flavor sensation.

I feel like there are a few things that I need to admit up front about my raw food challenge. Like, first of all, I'm not giving up my morning coffee with milk. But I promise to chase it with carrot juice! And I am not investing in a dehydrator or any kitchen equipment that I don't already own. So, I suspect I'll be dipping my quacamole with Wasa crisps instead of raw flax seed crackers on occasion.

I am on a mission to feel better, and am using raw foods as part of that prescription. I am not pretending to be a raw food expert or purist. But, man, am I eating a lot of Bunny food!

Oh, and P.S. I have nothing against dehydrators, and if somebody loaned me one (hint hint, mother!) I would try making crackers and dried stuff, but otherwise, I'm okay without one.


Isle Dance said...

I had to stop wheat products due to a wheat allergy, so I adjusted to not having crispy/bready things a while ago. So I can understand the desire to bypass a dehydrator for now. Or forever? Possibly... :o)