Friday, February 27, 2009

Avocado Stuffed with Pineapple Salsa Recipe

Scoop out meat of avocado halves. Fill with pineapple salsa. Sprinkle black sesame seeds on top.

Pineapple Salsa
1 1/2 beefsteak tomato
2 cups pineapple
Fresh Italian Parsley
Fresh Cilantro
Garlic Powder
Celtic Sea Salt

Chop all ingredients to make the salsa, and mix well. Season to your personal taste.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Entertaining in the Raw- Divine Inspiration

Yesterday I received a brown paper package tied with beet and spinach colored rafia. I was eager to open it, and when I saw that it was Matthew Kenney's new book, Entertaining in the Raw, I immediately dropped everything I was doing and dove in to see what was inside.

Wow. It's seriously a masterpiece. I cannot wait to start trying out some of the recipes in the book, and sharing them with RawFu. There is an apricot cake recipe that might just become an old standard in the Berry household.

Thank you, Matthew. You really are a genius.

Amazon has a really good deal on this hardcover book that is so beautifully art directed, you'll just want to lick the pages.

I love to look through raw food cookbooks as a source of inspiration. I don't always use the recipes, since I rarely have all of the ingredients in the house at any given moment, but the pictures, the recipes, the thoughts behind it inspire me to get into the kitchen and to experiment.


Monday, February 23, 2009

Andre's Revenge Day 50- The Higher the Stress, the Stinkier the Toots!

Keep your hands out of the crazy, people. The higher the stress, the stinkier the toots. You're going to have to trust me on this one.

Andre's Revenge- Basi's Birthday

Wow, hai, it's like talking to an old friend being here on video again. Today is Basil's 46th birthday, so I am taking him out for sushi, per his request. Looking forward to a little raw fish and seaweed salad action tonight.

Meanwhile, my brother is still staying here, and I've been introducing him to the wonders of the green smoothie. If you want to introduce someone to the smoothie, and they're hesitating because of the color, add a little cacao or blueberries to offset the green.

You may be struggling at this halfway point in the 100 Day Challenge. And that's normal. Remind yourself of why you're here, and why you started this journey in the first place. Write down why you wanted to do this, and keep it close to your heart. Love yourself.


Andre's Revenge Day 45- My Funny Valentines

Okay, yes, it's Valentine's Day, and my Christmas tree is still decorated and lit. In fact, I just put a few new heart shaped ornaments on it today. What? i know. I know. I'm a little behind.

More importantly, these are my six funny Valentines. From left to right: Beckett, Nicolas, John, Wyatt, Basil, and Cole. One lucky Bunny.

I just checked my mailbox, and got a handful of cards from Raw Fu members, THANK YOU!! If you signed up for a card, they're on their way, too!


Andre's Revenge Day 44- Photographic Evidence

Here are the World's Smallest Square Foot Garden Carrots. I think I have figured out what I did wrong with these carrots. I planted them from seed, and then transformed the bunches into the garden. I think I needed to thin out the bunches when I planted them. But WOW! I grew carrots! This has been my first gardening experience, and see, I'm already learning about things like thinning out the crop. Master Gardener Bunny, hear me roar.

The cabbages are coming along nicely, and I'm not sure what to expect, but it looks like we will harvest 3 or more small cabbages. I've eaten all of the radishes I planted, and the spinach I planted from seed is really small and kind of sad, but very spinach-like. This gardening stuff is fun. I've got new radish seeds sprouting now. I've become addicted to small Japanese radishes.


Andre's Revenge Day 42- World's Tiniest Carrots

We haven't had a square foot garden update in a while, and I've been trying to contact Mel to give us a super special article in an upcoming issue of RawFu Magazine. I wanted to share my carrot gardening experience with you.

Word of advice: Don't expect juicing carrots from your Square Foot Garden

New Fu?

Lest you think I have been spending my days in bed lounging, and not being the complete and hopeless workaholic that I am, I wanted to give you a sneak peak at the new RawFu site that I am currently building. I'm using ExpressionEngine. Remember that class I went and took in San Antonio. Yeah, I guess I learned something.

The site is going to allow me to offer RawFu Magazine subscriptions online and in print, so that all of our International RawFu members can get the magazine for the same price, and not have to miss out on an issue! It's also going to be a rockin' place for me to pick my favorite shots from the RawFu Gallery, videos, etc, and really feature them on the main site.

We're also adding a new feature: SHOP FU. We will be offering products that have been tried and tested and are RawFu approved. :)

So, there ya go. New site should be up within a few days if all goes well. Cross your fingers.

Andre's Revenge- I Even Put on Purple Eyeshadow for This

I'm sorry I've been gone for a week. I have been planted in my bed, trying to find the courage to get out and face the world after the 2nd worst day of my life. It has been such a week of healing, praying, and thinking about all of you. Oh, and planning Raw Fu Magazine.

I'm sorry I'm so verklempt in this video. You can't even imagine what I'm like in person right now.

Andre's Revenge- Magazine Cover Ideas

Future magazine cover ideas. I pretty much want to snuggle with both of these Raw Fu sweeties.

Andre's Revenge Day 31- The Bigger They Are, the Harder They Fall

Loving somebody with a drug addiction might be just as confusing and frustrating as being a drug addict yourself. Today was one of those confusing and frustrating days.

My brother, John, is addicted to crack cocaine. He's been an addict for going on 20 years. His drug addiction makes him a liar, a thief, and a completely paranoid asshole 99% of the time. I try not to get involved. I try to stay neutral. He's burned every bridge he's got, and sometimes comes to me when he needs help. I love him with all of my heart. He's still my little brother. And when he's not high on crack, he is one of my favorite humans. He's funny, smart, and incredibly charming. He's also 6'4", and when he's not strung out, could pass as Vince Vaughn's brother.

Today I found myself caught up in the drama when he called and said that he'd been shot, and needed somebody to meet him at the emergency room. After finding out that it was nothing life threatening, a shot in the leg and two in the hand, I found myself sitting with him in the emergency room while he was being stitched, bandaged, and questioned by the police. We cried, we laughed, we promised to take care of each other. Everything in my heart says love, everything in my head says watch out! I brought him home with me. He needs me tonight. He needs me to just take care of him, and not to talk about what happened. Not talk about the 800 pound gorilla in the room.

And tonight, I can do that. But I told him that the only way he was coming home with me is that he had to agree that I'll nurse him to health just enough to get him into rehab. He cried and said, "I'll go. I'll go. I don't want this anymore." Oh, if only those were the first time I'd heard those words. Oh, God grant me the strength to believe them just one more time.

It used to be something I hid. Something I'd never talk about. But sometimes I just get mad about it, and want to let it all out. I just get mad that one of the biggest problems in our country is not even on the agenda, politically. Our prisons are filled with drug addicts, drug dealers, and drug cooks. Our cities are filled with them, too. Our neighborhoods look clean from the outside, but don't look too closely, you might find an addict next door. You might even find one living in your own house or in your family. You might even be an addict yourself.

IF YOU ARE AN ADDICT OR HAVE AN ADDICT IN YOUR FAMILY, please know that I know what you are going through. I know your pain. You don't have to tell your story here. But if you need a little love in this area of your life, shout out a little "HEAL US" in your response so that we can send healing vibes your way.

HEAL US. HEAL ALL OF US. Give us all the strength we need to love ourselves to heal inside and out. And know that you're not alone.

Andre's Revenge Day 30- Taking Life By the Horns

Today I am so pumped up. And I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I'm taking life by the horns. Will you come with me? Too bad I look like a buck toothed redneck in that thumbnail, but hey, at least I've got both of my front teeth during this challenge!

CONGRATULATIONS on 30 Days of Raw Fu in this challenge! I'm so proud of you!

So, yeah, a few big announcements on a personal level in this post. Raw Fu is getting an overhaul redesign, and I have new upcoming features that I think everyone is going to love, including a Raw Conversations video segment. And we're opening a small online shop (Shop Fu!) where you can buy raw food related products that have been tried, tested, and loved by members of our community. A big shout out to our distributor, Natural Zing, for making this happen.

Also, within the next two weeks, you'll be able to subscribe to Raw Fu Magazine! Her maiden voyage will be shipped via U.S. Mail straight to your doorstep in celebration of my one year raw anniversary on April 14th! The magazine will focus on the Whole Fu experience. Mind, body, soul, and of course raw soul food. :) You'll see Raw Fu community members as featured guests, and contributors. I'm so excited about this, I might actually say YEEE HAW!

I'm taking life by the horns. It's about time. How about you?


Andre's Revenge Day 28- Breakthrough & Hormones

I'm back! I vlogged! I'm back from San Antonio, and am so excited about being on the verge of a couple of personal breakthroughs. One includes a RawFu Magazine. :) I also finally admit that winter is hard on raw food. Uh. D'uh.

Today I'm terribly hormonal, and feeling like crap. Advice?

Always do your best. I LOVE YOU, RAWFU!

Andre's Revenge Day 27- Cucumber Wraps from the Past

I said I'd be back on video today, and I am back in my office after working on my laptop for the past week. Basil has been using my office, and my computer. So, it kind of smells like gym socks in here, my computer is as slow as a turtle, and for some reason I can't get the volume to work on my desktop. So, you'll have to watch a blast from the past video, but with an added bonus: it's a cooking demo!

Now excuse me while I go hunt down a husband. "Lucy! You got some 'splanin to do!"


June 26, 2008

Today I go into the kitchen and demonstrate making delicious raw cucumber wraps! Oh yes, get ready for Cutting Board Cam!

1 Extra Long Seedless Cucumber
1/2 Red Pepper
1 Avocado
Mixed Baby Greens

Flavor how you like! I used 2 drops of sesame oil, a dash of garlic powder, and a dash of salt.

DELICIOUS, and a wonderful crunchy alternative to a sandwich for lunch.

Andre's Revenge Day 26- Good New, Bad News

Good News: I'm back home with my boys and the dogs.
Bad News: Another job rejection letter in the Inbox today that boggled my mind.

Good News: I released a few pounds while I was in San Antonio.
Bad News: Those 2 harmless sandwiches I had weren't so harmless, and my gluten induced rash is back on my legs in full force.

Good News: I'm moving in a forward direction.
Bad News: Sometimes it feels like I'm standing still.

How about you? Good News. Bad News.


Day 23: Penni Shelton is Back!

Hi Everyone! Yep, I'm back again today, standing in once more for our beloved Bunny Berry. It's been a pleasure to be your guest vlogger . Today I get on a little rant and I also put out a community call to action. I'm more plugged in today (thought I'd put my face on for you today ;- ) But I'm not sure about the shot they chose for the still thumbnail shot of the video....thanks for capturing me with eyes shut and mouth wide open, YouTube.

I really appreciate the dialogue in the thread from yesterday and I'm really looking forward to your thoughts, ideas and input on today's subject matter.

So tell me, HOW'S YOUR DAY 23 GOING??

ANDRE'S REVENGE DAY 22- Guest Vlogger Penni Shelton

Today Bunny asked me if I'd deliver the RawFu message for the day. It's a pleasure to stand in the gap but I know we'll all be ready for Bunny to get back to the red puppet room for her daily updates! It sounds like she's having an amazing time down in San Antonio and learning so much. BunBun....we miss you and love you....MUAH!!!

Just a word of warning.....I didn't get all vamped up for the video, so you get me unplugged, no mascara and see if you can tell that I'd just been drinking a raspberry smoothie before I went on camera. I can see faint lines above my lips that resemble a Joker mustache. I really need to do more vlogging....

Anyway, I want you to tell me..... HOW'S YOUR DAY 22 GOING?

Howdy from San Antonio

I have landed in San Antonio, and am ready for an awesome week of being a blushing little school girl. Today is a day of service, so, don't forget to do something for somebody today, and of course do something for YOU. Love yourself. Be happy!