Friday, January 16, 2009

ANDRE'S REVENGE DAY 16- When Raw Food Goes Wrong

As a budding raw foodist, I can tell you that what comes out of your kitchen is not always going to be pretty. Or edible. Come along. Experience when raw food goes wrong. And go ahead, let it out. I know you have a raw food gone wrong story.

Talk to me, baby.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

ANDRE'S REVENGE DAY 15- The Disco Ball is Always Turning

Today I added spirulina to my blackberry smoothie, and drank down something that looked like a black tar soup for breakfast. It didn't taste bad, but just the color was off-putting, and set the tone for my day.

I didn't sleep well last night, so I went back to bed after Beckett left for school, and had a nightmare that I was kidnapped and tortured by some maniac. I escaped, and found the police station in my dreams, and while I was standing there tattered and bloody, with my teeth falling out on her desk, the clerk behind the counter was giving me attitude about not having filled out the right paperwork to file a report. I think I've been spending too much time at the unemployment office.

I shook it off, and changed my attitude because HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE, and had a productive day, working on a design project, updating my portfolio site, making a coffee date with a dear old friend, and gabbing on the phone with a recruiter.

I love being a creative person. My visions of grandeur can sometimes carry me through dark times and make me come out on the other side laughing. I do have them, you know. Vision of grandeur. I see myself larger than life, capable, worthy, beautiful. There is beauty all around us. And love is everywhere. Sometimes I imagine myself in the middle of a dance floor, but instead of balloons falling from the rafters, I imagine little bubbles of love falling all around me, surrounding me, until the room is so full of love that it can't hold another drop.

Rejection has been a constant hurdle in my daily life so far during this challenge. But my relationship with food has changed. I am not trying to fill the void of the rejection with food. I'm not using food as my friend, my companion, my comforter. I'm using food as the fuel to keep my heart light, and to make sure the disco ball is always turning on my imaginary dance floor of love.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

ANDRE'S REVENGE DAY 14- Bunny's Bee Pollen Brownie Bites

Today I am back on cutting board cam! Things get a little shaky, but I swear I haven't been drinking. The Birthday Fairy sent me the recipe for brownies, and I was eager to get into the kitchen and make them for you. But the recipe calls for walnuts. I found out in my first challenge that walnuts make me retain serious water. So, I whipped up my own version of brownies based on the recipe. My ingredient list is kind of wild, but don't be afraid. They're delicious! And even extra nutritious since I threw in a shot of bee pollen!

1/3 C pine nuts
1/3 C sunflower seeds (I probably say sesame seeds in the video. I always do!)
1/3 C pumpkin seeds
1 C pitted dates
1/4 C cacao powder
Pinch of vanilla powder

Soak the nuts, seeds, and dates. Then blend all in food processor until smooth and sticky. Spoon onto a plate and put in the freezer to flash freeze. When flash frozen, put bites into an airtight container and leave them in the freezer until you're ready to eat them. Pop them into your mouth, or put in dehydrator to warm them up.

Bee pollen has been shown to help people:

* lose weight
* increase energy, vitality and stamina
* enhance the immune system
* relieve allergy and asthma symptoms
* improve sexual function
* correct digestion problems
* slow the aging process
* prevent cancer and other diseases

Learn more about Bee Pollen Here:


Monday, January 12, 2009

ANDRE'S REVENGE DAY 12- Charting New Territory with Spirulina

Believe it or not, I have never made a "raw food order" online to buy thing like cacao or maca or any of the other goodies I hear other people talking about. So, I was pretty excited today when my box from arrived, and I got my first taste of things like spirulina, cacao powder, and vanilla powder right in my own kitchen! Of course I had to bust out the Cutting Board Cam since I was really charting new territory.

As promised, here are the benefits of the ingredients I added to my smoothie.

Coconut Water is a natural isotonic beverage, with the same level of electrolytic balance as we have in our blood. Read more about the benefits of coconut water here. It's amazing! And the coconut meat gives the smoothie a mild coconut flavor and makes it creamy.

Romaine Lettuce is packed with vitamins K, A, C, folate, manganese, iron, and so much more. Read about it

Spirulinacontains the most remarkable concentration of nutrients known in any food, plant, grain or herb. It's the highest protein food- over 60% all digestible vegetable protein. It has the highest concentration of beta carotene, vitamin B-12, iron and trace minerals and the rare essential fatty acid GLA. Read all about it here!

Cacao has over 300 identifiable chemical compounds, and is one of the most complex and pleasurably satisfying foods on the planet. In its raw form, cacao contains anandamide (a euphoric substance), arginine (a natural aphrodisiac), neurotransmitters that stimulate and balance brain activity, tryptophan (an anti-depressant), antioxidants and other beneficial compounds known to have rejuvenating and anti-aging elements. Read more about it here!

Dates are one of the best natural sources of potassium. Potassium is an essential mineral your body needs to maintain muscle contractions including the vital heart muscle. Potassium is needed to maintain a healthy nervous system and to balance the body’s metabolism as well. Read more about dates here!

Vanilla has antioxidant and anti-tumor super powers and also is aromatic and make everything taste good!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Andre's Revenge Day 9- Partying Like Babysitters

Tonight we are in Atlanta, partying it up with the kids crew. My sister in law, Kristine, is amazing, and not only had dinner in the crockpot for the kids and Basil, but also had the fridge stocked with raw food goodies for me.

The 4 year olds are in the bathtub, the dogs are wrestling next to me, and my 8 year old nephew, Blake, is kicking Basil's butt in Tiger Wood's golf for the Wii.

Being unemployed has it's advantages. Being able to drop everything and come stay here for the weekend with the kids is one of those things you miss out on when you have a job. We slept in until 10, leisurely got up and cleaned out, and then reported for babysitting duty. I have a feeling I'm getting a job offer next week, so I'm trying to relish every moment.

She carpes the diem.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

ANDRE'S REVENGE DAY 6- BODY Mine is Perfect, Thank You.

The Circles of Raw Fu are the circles of your lifestyle change. Changing your lifestyle to a raw food diet isn't just about what you are eating or not eating. It is an important life shift that runs through every aspect of who you are, and will effect and touch every part of your being.

During this challenge, I am going to try to share with you the vision boards that I create around the Circles of Raw Fu. Here is my vision board for the first circle- Body...

I encourage you to visualize what you want out of this challenge. What do you want out of the next 100 days? What do you want out of the next year? What do you want in your life? See it, and keep it close to you. Look at it often, and remind yourself why you are here.

The Italian artist, Michaelangelo, said "I saw the angel in the marble and I carved until I set him free."

Set yourself free. Love yourself.


Andre's Revenge Day 5 Part 2- Birthday Eve Surprise!

My heart is exploding! Sometime around 9 o'clock tonight, Penni sent me a message on Skype and told me to go look out of my front door. When I did, there was a Birthday Eve Surprise waiting for me on my front porch! It was a hand delivered box, dropped off by a Raw Fu Birthday Fairy, filled with homemade raw goodies!

I want to know who dropped off cold almond mylk to my front doorstep? Because, um, I'd like to propose. Or at least have you over for a gourmet Bunnylicious raw dinner!

Monday, January 5, 2009

ANDRE'S REVENGE DAY 5- One Day Shy of 38

I'm only one day shy of 38 years old today. I have my first job interview in 7 years, and feel like this year is going to be way better than 37. I'm finally starting to figure out who I am. Or maybe I've just been reading too many self help books over the holidays.

Many of you have written to me, encouraging me to make Raw Fu or something raw food related my new job instead of looking for another full time J O B kind of gig. And thank you! It makes me feel so encouraged that your experience here is meaningful, and that you like the work I'm doing here. And one day, I will make that happen. Right now I'm sewing the seeds.

For now, Basil and I both looking for the J O B. Or a sugar daddy. :)

I was so busy yesterday, I didn't have time to check in with Raw Fu. WELCOME TO THE 17 NEW MEMBERS that were waiting for me when I logged in this morning!! I spent the day with Beckett and my nephews. There was much ruckus. Then I came home and worked on simplifying my resume, tried out my new purple eye shadow (what do you think??), then took a shower and got in bed for a good night's sleep.

It's already Day 5. Almost a WEEK into Andre's Challenge. And I am feeling so strong, so resolved, so committed. I can tell that major changes are going to happen in people's lives during the next 95 days.

WHAT ARE YOU EXPERIENCING SO FAR? How is your emotional detox?

Andre's Revenge Day 3- Too Much Housewives of New York City Marathon

One Apple
Handful of Pistachios
Handful of shredded coconut
Juice of around 1/4 of lemon
One chopped date on top for sweetness


I got up this morning and made an awesome little Apple Pistachio salad for breakfast, and then promptly went back to my bedroom to work on my online portfolio in bed. I have worked at home for FIVE years, and I have never worked from my bed. Every morning, I get up, get dressed, eat breakfast, and come to my office, and now I know why.

I turned on the TV, and there was a Housewives of New York City marathon on, so I listened to it while I was gathering up stuff for the portfolio site. These extremely wealthy women are shopping, having lunch, going to charity events, and being generally horrible and fabulous all at the same time. And it hit me. I DON'T GET OUT ENOUGH!

Since I have been working from home, I've stopped doing the things that normal people do on a regular basis. Like buy shoes. Get their haircut. You know, those kind of things. I haven't gotten a hair cut in a salon in at least 5 years, and the ONE pair of shoes I own is 4 years old. Those housewives made it look so easy, even a little fun.

So, I shut down the laptop. I got relatively dressed. And I went to the MALL. Well, actually I wasn't brave enough to go to the entire mall. I went to a department store. And while I was browsing for shoes, they made an announcement that the spa had an opening for a women's haircut - $24. So, I dropped the shoes, and went to the salon! I got a professional haircut and a manicure. And bought a new blouse to wear on my interview on Monday.

I had forgotten how much fun it is to be out and around people, kind of in the middle of the hustle and bustle. I know that a lot of you here on Raw Fu are hippies who would rather live in a yurt in the woods, but at heart, I'm a city girl. I pretended I had all the money in the world today, and blew $100 on myself. And it was worth every penny. Those housewives are onto something. In 2009, I want to get out more often. I want to see people. I want to be part of the big wide world. I want to do something amazing!


Andre's Revenge Day 2- Why Are We Eating Like This?

I will be the first person to admit that when I went on the Raw Food Diet, I wanted to lose a lot of weight, and I wanted to lose it FAST! I had read the transformation stories. I had seen the transformation photos. And I wanted that to be me.

After being on the Raw Food Diet for 100 Days, I realized that the weight was a fringe benefit to the raw food lifestyle. I was conquering my food allergies, and also getting nutrition straight into my cells for the first time in my life. My focus shifted from weight to nutrition.

Today I talk to you a little bit about phytonutrients, and why eating all of these fruits and vegetables is actually important to your health, and will help you lose weight by helping put your internal chemical processes back in balance.



Thursday, January 1, 2009

ANRE'S REVENGE: Day 1- You Gotta Get Your Greens

I am so excited to be back, and to have so many people joining in for the next 100 day raw food challenge! Whether you are committing to a salad a day or committing to going 100% raw, I am here to support you in your efforts. One thing I want to say right up front on Day 1 is this: YOU GOTTA GET YOUR GREENS! Eat them, juice them, smoothie them, whatever you've gotta do, it's all about the greens.

I am FIRED UP about my health right now, and am trying to learn as much about nutrition as I can to make the next 100 days of Raw Fu absolutely incredible. I have a big weight loss goal for this challenge I'm hoping to lose right around 35 pounds. So, this means I not only have to be prepared in the kitchen, I need to prepare square between the ears. I have to have myself in a place mentally that is setting me up for success.

Today I've been working the green smoothies and the juice.