Thursday, October 30, 2008

Raw Fu Celebrity Guest- Wendi Dee

Today I am honored to have Wendi Dee as the special raw food celebrity guest. Wendi's story is absolutely amazing, and I can relate so much to the hurt that I see in some of her earlier photos. Bust out the tissues again. You're going to need them for this amazing transformation.

My eyebrow saga continues. This dressing up and being a girl for work this is so foreign to me now. Today I have a Joan Crawford thing going.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Eyebrow Adventures

Eyebrow Adventures

Nothing can knock a girl down a few notches on the cuteness scale like accidentally shaving off of the eyebrows at 6am on a Monday morning during a business trip. I forgot my tweezers, and decided to do a quick brow freshen up using the tip of my brand new razor. Um. I shaved a stripe into my brow, which meant the whole brow had to go. After standing in front of the mirror laughing, I had to shave the other one off too.

I've been obsessing for the past three days about drawing on eyebrows, which was much harder since I didn't have much time to break out my old favorite beauty manual, YouTube.

Here are my brows today: on the glamorous setting.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Day 86- Hawaii Bound

I'm in the lovely and exciting Houston airport at the moment, I was able to wrangle up a banana and blueberry smoothie from Smoothie King, minus any of the boosts. I've learned my lesson about those boosts. Unless you can look at the ingredient list, there is usually gluten hiding in those protein powders. Jointache City for me.

I may have posted this video of the Jenna in the Jungle tour of a Big Island Permaculture project, but I think it's worth watching again. I thinks when people hear that you're going to Hawaii, this is how they imagine you are going to be living. People picture grass huts, no urban sprawl, and empty white sand beaches. And while there are still a few areas of the islands like that, the Permaculture project is a rare raw food retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in Honolulu. While I'd rather be feeding the goats and eating coconuts off the tree, I'll be in an office building somewhere around here...View Larger Map


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Raw Rosemary Pesto with Carrot Noodles

Today we are back in the Raw Fu Kitchen making a tasty rosemary pesto. I wanted to do this demo to show you that even when winter rolls around, you can still create lovely pestos with ingredients that are in season in your garden!

Pesto is such a great thing to make because you can really match the ingredients to your exact tastes and liking. Plus, it's really fun to eat over noodle made with a Spirooli Spiral 3-in-1 Slicer or noodles that you make by just using a regular old vegetable peeler!


Victoria Boutenko BINGO!

Victoria Boutenko BINGO

Oh yes, better late than never! Download your Victoria Boutenko BINGO card, and play tonight during the Rawkathon!

Having So Much Fun

Having So Much Fun, originally uploaded by darnlucky.

Oh my gosh, can I tell you how much fun I am having working on the Raw Fu Cookbook (Volume 1)!

Going back through all of these photos, recipes, etc is just making me realize how amazing the past few months have been. I am definitely in the Holy Flow today. :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Raw Fu Challenge Day 81- Video Contest Announcement

A big warm welcome to everyone who has joined in the last few days. We're thrilled to have you here! And how many times can I possibly say Gabriel Cousens when I mean Dr. Douglas Graham in one video? Obviously, a lot. Raw Fu- don't miss any more of the Rawkathon! It's really fun. Watch today's Day 81 Video...there is a video contest announcement! You could win The Box from Rawvolution!

I'll be in chat tonight from 8-10pm EST watching the Rawkathon, and playing Rawkathon BINGO! JOIN ME!


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Come to Raw Fu Chat Tonight & Play Rawkathon Bingo!

Hey everybody, the Rawkathon starts TONIGHT: at 8PM EST!

Don't forget to download your Gabriel Cousens BINGO card from Raw Fu and play along. Click here to get your card:

I'll be watching, and chatting it up in Raw Fu Chat and on Twitter tonight. Join me for some raw food fun! Raw Fu CHAT: Come into chat anytime after 8, and let's watch the Rawkathon together!

See you there!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Happy Birthday, Devon

This is my beautiful niece, Devon. She is turning 5, and we are headed to Atlanta today to celebrate her birthday with a bowling party, and hopefully a few snuggles from the birthday girl. Beckett and Devon are just about 6 months apart in age. And when we get them together, it really takes me back to my childhood weekends, playing for hours with my cousins, loving them like they were my own brothers and sisters. My father was one of 13 children, so I had a gaggle of playmates.

When I was a kid, I always wondered why my aunts and uncles made such a big deal out of us kids. They wanted to play with us, they came to our school plays and sent us Christmas cards. It wasn't until I had nieces and nephews of my own that I understood that kind of love. They're all my kids. I love them so much it hurts. And they're growing up so fast. Days like today are the reason we decided to move back from Honolulu 4 years ago. I don't want to miss a minute of them growing up.

I hope you guys have a great day 79 of Raw Fu. I picked peppers and rosemary from the garden, buttercrisp lettuce and red leaf, too. Making a big juicy sweet and savory salad with pear and rosemary dressing for the road.


Friday, October 17, 2008

RAW FU CHALLENGE DAY 77- Collective Panty Pull

Today I stayed in bed most of the day. I just had a feeling that it was a good idea. And I was right. As soon as I got up I realized everybody has their panties in a wad today. So, I'm here to dish out the collective panty pull.

Registration is open for the Raw Fu holiday Mini Challenge. SIGN UP ON!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Congratulations, Debbie! I Love You.

There is really nothing that I could say today that would top the fact that Raw Fu Member, Debbie of Debbie Does Raw is celebrating her ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF EATING RAW LIVING FOODS. We're all going to have that anniversary, you know. And watching someone as wonderful as Debbie celebrate being there just gives me goosebumps.

Raw Fu Challengers, picture yourself on your one year anniversary of being raw. How will you feel? How will you look? How will it have changed your life? You can do it. And I'll be right there cheering you on. :)

CONGRATULATIONS, honey! You are our celebrity raw food guest today! We LOVE YOU! (Debbie is pictured here with Kris Carr from Crazy Sexy Cancer. Love the Kris!


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Raw Fu Challenge Day 75- PZIZZ!

Today I have to tell you about PZIZZ!, and Raw Fu Member, Edward's unique brainchild software that will revolutionize your meditation experience.

I LOVE Pizizz. For shizzle, you need to pzizzle.

Monday, October 13, 2008


I've been outside a few times today to check on the garden. I kind of feel like I got a new pet. I hope this garden doesn't turn out like my Webkinz World garden. I kind of forgot to login to water and rake my garden for a few months, and when I went back in...ewww. Everything had turned brown. What? You guys don't play Webkinz? Well, you're missing out. All the kids are doing it.

I've been having a weird day. Intense coffee cravings. I've been feeling a little run down for the past few days. But instead of drinking coffee, I've been doing Pzizz's energizer meditation. I'll be telling you more about Pzizz tomorrow, because it's been something that has gotten me back into meditation, and is one of the coolest things I've discovered in a long time. AND it's the brainchild of Raw Fu member, Edward. Tune in tomorrow to learn more about Pzizz.

Edward is GENEROUSLY offering 50% off of Pzizz for all Raw Fu members. Use coupon code: rawfu

Honestly, I've been having kind of a hard day. Missing my father a lot today. I think I've been going through some emotional detox since I started the colon hydrotherapy. A lot of the grieving I didn't do at the time has started to resurface. It's amazing how much stress and emotion we carry in our bodies. As our bodies release the stress and gunk, the emotions come to the surface. Don't forget to breathe.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

We Haz Garden!

This weekend, Basil and I got busy and built our first square foot garden box. We planted cabbage, red leaf lettuce, buttercrisp lettuce, collards, and the spinach, beet, and carrots that I started from seeds.

I can't wait to start munching on those greens! Video of the whole process coming up tomorrow. <3

You can see your 1975 Wilderness Camper in the background here. We call it the gRITZ. She is patiently waiting for raw food friends to come visit, and is ready to be your luxury accomodations!


Friday, October 10, 2008

Rawkathon BINGO!

Are you planning to attend the online Rawkathon that's coming up, starting on October 19th? You really need to register for this amazing event. 7 Days of Online Raw Food Celebrities!

And to make this event even MORE FUN, Raw Fu is offering the one...the only...


Over the next week, I will be loading bingo cards for most of your favorite Rawkathon speakers! Print out your card and play along as you watch the Rawkathon. :)

Why not get together and have a Rawkathon party with some of your non-raw friends who may desperately need to get the message from such experts as David Wolfe, Gabriel Cousens, Dr. Douglas Graham, Victoria Boutenko, Matt Monarch, Karen Knowler, and many many more. Make a batch of raw chili, invite over a friend, and play Rawkathon BINGO!

I have attached a few cards to give you an idea of what kind of fun we're gonna have with the Rawkathon! Enjoy! Print them out, and play YouTube Bingo, too! :)


Unplugged Part 2 & Little Black Dress Programme

Alexis brings it home again today with Part 2 of her Raw Fu Celebrity Guest Appearance!

ALSO! Today is the last day to sign up for the Early Bird Price for Raw Fu Member, Jo Thomas' Little Black Dress Programme. I am so excited about this programme starting. Sign up! It's going to be fun. I know that Penni Shelton is also doing the program, and maybe one or two others from Raw Fu. Sign up today!


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Get Unplugged with Alexis

Don't let Alexis fool you. She is one of my raw food heroines, and is a huge raw food celebrity! Alexis and her amazing insight has helped to guide me, keep me on track, and motivated me at times when I wanted to throw in the towel. I love her no bullshit approach to becoming a raw foodist. She tells it like it is, and speaks from her heart. She is an amazingly true spirited person, and I have a ton of respect for her.

I had the brilliant opportunity to meet Alexis at Raw Spirit Festival, and I couldn't wait to ask her if she would talk to you about her experience on raw food. I just love Alexis, and she was generous enough to do a TWO PART video for us.

I agree so strongly with Alexis. Just hang in there. It doesn't happen overnight. You're exactly where you are supposed to be. GET UNPLUGGED!


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Don't Give Up. You're Healing.

Raw Fu Challenge Day 68- Don't Give Up. You're Healing from Bunny Berry on Vimeo.
Today I want to talk to you. One on one. Just Bunny and the Internet. We need to talk about the reality of a raw food diet. And about how you may not be able to see the changes that are happening to you on the outside.

The scale may not move. But you're healing. Healing from the inside out. Don't give up. Trust the process. This is part of my story...


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Transformation in Progress

I haven't watched this video since I made it back in March, and was shocked when I watched it today. This was right around 6 months ago. WHO IS THAT PERSON? I cannot believe the difference in my health, my skin, my attitude, my happiness between 6 months ago and now. I feel like one of those follow up segments at the end of the reality show, Intervention.

Go back and look at your before pictures today. And take a new picture of yourself now. It may seem like your progress is going slowly. The weight on the scale never moves fast enough. But look beyond the weight. Look at the color of your eyes. Look at the tightness of your skin. Look at your smile. Look at the whole picture. And share your successes with us. This is amazing!


Monday, October 6, 2008

Raw Fu Challenge Day 66- Little Black Dress with Jo Thomas

Today I talk about the upcoming Raw Fu Holiday Challenge, as well as giving details about Jo Thomas and the Little Black Dress Programme that I will be participating in starting on October 30th. Check out the information about the Little Black Dress Programme at Join in! It's going to be fun.

I am so proud to be part of a community with super smart women like Jo Thomas. I have never worked with a raw food coach or a weight loss coach before, so I am looking forward to that experience. I'll keep you guys posted on how it's going. You know I will!

And today I went for my 2nd colon hydrotherapy session. It was extremely productive. I'm really happy I have decided to make this part of my healing journey. You should try it. And more than once. The 2nd round was way more therapeutic than the first. And I can see how making it part of your regular health routine would be beneficial. Don't be scared. If I can put my fat ass on the table and do it, you can too!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Raw Fu Challenge Day 65- A Day at the Zoo

I spent the day with my mom, Beckett, and my two nephews. We went to the zoo, had a picnic, and hung out together without a care in the world. It was really fun.

Congratulations to chasmyn for winning yesterday's Friday Food Fact contest! The answer was artichoke.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Raw Fu Challenge Day 64- Food Trivia Friday

Today I thank everyone who bought tee shirts or contributed to T's blender fund. T's VitaMix 5200 is being shipped out soon!

Also, it's Food Trivia Friday. Answer the question in this video and win a copy of Victoria Buetenko's 12 Steps to Raw Foods.

Raw Fu Cookbook Is In the Works!

It's official! I am beginning to layout and edit the Raw Fu Cookbook Volume 1!
Here is a sneak peak at a recipe layout. Enjoy!

And Raw Fu Challengers, don't forget to get your recipes in for this first edition cookbook! Click here to add a recipe.

Also, if you have photos, please e-mail them to bunny {! at !} rawfu {! dot !} com!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Raw Fu Challenge Day 63- RAWvolution Update

Today I had to go to court. I spent most of my day there, actually. And I fill you in on up to the minute developments with Matt Amsden and RawFu!

Somebody is getting The Box from RAWvolution!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Raw Fu Challenge Day 62- Bunny Interviews Steve Irwin

Today I announce the winner of the "You Might Be a Raw Foodist If..." contest set up by Gypsy Mama. Congratulations, Sunshine!

Also, I found out that Matt Amsden is doing a teleconference interview with Kevin Gianni tonight at 7pm! Don't miss that.

I couldn't get Matt Amsden on Raw Fu, but I do have a surprise celebrity guest on the show today. Please help me welcome Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, to our raw food community! Give it up for Steve!