Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Last night I learned something significant about my relationship with food. I am a serious night time snacker. I work for a company in a different timezone, and don't get off of work until around 10pm. After work, while I'm winding down, I snack. I think between 10pm and whenever I fall asleep is probably when I have done the most damage to my daily calorie intake. I literally pig OUT during that two hour snack attack. I'll eat chips, ice cream, chocolate bars, fruit, bread with jam, while I'm sitting in front of the TV trying to numb out the day.

So, last night on my 1st day of the raw food challenge, I found myself sitting on the couch trying to figure out what the hell would satisfy my snack cravings. And honestly, nothing in the house was going to do it. So, I drank another glass of water. And I had to stave off cravings and snack temptations until I finally broke down and convinced myself that an apple with a little salt would be a tasty snack. And of course, it was!

This morning I went in search of some local produce. The Daily Harvest is a new produce and flower market that just opened up, so I was hopeful. Maybe it's too early in the season to get any of our good old local grown produce, but the Daily Harvest was a big let down. I wound up at Publix where everything looked better and was cheaper.

Tonight I'm making guacamole in preperation for the late night munchies.

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Anonymous said...

Beth, I can relate to your nighttime snacking- definitely. For me, after 10 is mama quiet time finally (homeschool mom of 3 here!). Try some dates. I love to take medjool dates and pit them, then stick 2 or 3 plump germinated almonds inside and YUMMO! I'ts sweet, cruncy, caramel-ly (sp? LOL) candy type totally raw snack. You gotta be careful with them, they are addictive but they do so hit that sweet craving spot.

Isle Dance said...

I'm just in the first few posts of your journey, but this one made me want to ask if you've tried making green smoothies yet. My favorite recipe is 3-4 leaves of curly kale (and/or a handful of spinach), 1 pear, 1-2 oranges and water blended well to taste/consistency. It's a healthy sweet hit and feels like a light dessert. The trick is finding the combo that ((you)) love. :o)

Bunny Berry said...

isle dance that is a great idea. I've been making green smoothies with oranges and spinach. The pear might be just the thing that sweetens it up to perfection. Thanks!