Wednesday, May 21, 2008

5-21-08 Getting Used To It

5-21-08 Getting Used To It
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I'm finally starting to get used to the idea of salad without some kind of meat or grain attached to it as a meal. It's taken almost 40 days to get there.

Beckett had his 4 year old immunizations today, and so I made him his favorite dinner: chicken and couscous. I didn't even slightly resent the boys as they sat and ate their chicken dinners. Progress.


HiHoRosie said...

Great progress! Very proud of you!

Anonymous said...

Penni shared that 40 days is a magic number in a journey such as this. I believe her. AND I believe in YOU!!!!

Isle Dance said...

Wow. That is amazing. This raw food ride is plain old interesting, to say the least! I'm so happy for you!

Today I've been 100% vegan for one week (I was only eating a little fish/poultry before) and I think today was the first time (so far) that I've felt a little pang of ?? upon seeing it at the deli. But until then, I was just fine. Go figure. :o)

Viv said...

Your have been craving what is normal. We find comfort in normal. You are in the midst of creating a new normal. As the benefits continue you will gravitate to the new normal for comfort and healing.

Out for a walk with the fam and the cat,