Saturday, May 24, 2008

5-24-08 Raw Eggplant Ravioli

5-24-08 Raw Eggplant Ravioli
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I got adventurous today, and broke out the Ronco dehydrator again. I have been eyeing the raw eggplant ravioli recipe over at Vegan Menu: Raw Eggplant Ravioli Recipe

So, this morning I got up and made my own version of it with what I had in the house. I am so envious of the mandoline that tofu666 uses! I had to cut my eggplant down in circumfrence to make it work with my (ahem, cheap ass!) mandoline. So, my ravioli were not as big and lucious as they could have been. But the flavor? Wonderful!

Also, I made a really simple orange pepper sauce to top it off with instead of the alfredo, since I knew that Basil would like the pepper sauce more. I served it over julienned carrots with a little sprinkling of spinach on top for garnish.

Overall, I think it's a great raw meal, and one that I want to try again. Next time I will use two pieces of my small eggplant to make one ravioli, so that they can be a little more formidable. Oh, and I misread the recipe and used the juice of one entire lemon in the marinade which made my ravioli kind of tangy. I actually really liked that, and don't think I'd change it the next time I make this dish.

Mmm. Mmm. Good. I scarfed it down in a nano second.


Viv said...

That looks sooooo delicious! I don't have a dehydrator yet, but I can't wait to try this as soon as I get one. My daughter, who has also gone raw and I have been limping along with few gadgets. We will be in raw food heaven once we can make more of the yummy recipes.

Thank you again for making going raw so much fun!I had tried going raw before without blogs, YouTube, etc.. but failed because I lacked community. Now I have you and others as encouragement.



Penni said...

This sounds divine!! I have wondered about making Tofu666's raw ravioli before, but now I will absolutely put it on the future list of what's for dinner.


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