Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Day 23 of 100 Day Raw Food Challenge- heita3 is a Genius

Today I introduce my blog readers to the genius that is heita3 on YouTube and his amazing raw vegetable instrument videos.

And I drink a lot of smoothies.


Wendi Dee said...

ROFL You are so adorable. If you get him booked for one of the festivals, I'll donate a beet for one of his instruments. Imagine the colorful music that could produce! ;-)

I posted a new blog today, inspired by your heita3 video: www.purejeevan.com/blog


Bunny Berry said...

That's awesome Wendi! Thank you for sharing that with me.

HiHoRosie said...

Man, you make me laugh! Especially hearing you say Heita3 over and over.

I love having smoothie/juice days sometimes too and good for you for listening to what your body needs.

Have a good week!

Lisa, aka Pixywinks said...

Hey Bunny
That was just a pic of sushi from the net. I will share the recipe on my blog tonight.

Your video is so hilarious. I was laughing out loud.
Pixy Lisa

yardsnacker said...

Love your vids! :D