Thursday, May 15, 2008

Day 32 of 100 Day Raw Food Challenge: Confession

Today I confess to sins against the raw food lifestyle. But those chips were cooked in sunflower oil!! Special guest helps me repent.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness you are too funny. I have been in your shoes many times. When you fall down get back on the wagon again.


TheWriterStuff said...

Bunny, Bunny, Bunny! I just discovered your blog through We Like It Raw and I've spent the last hour reading (and watching) the entire thing. Your inspiring journey is making me want to try going raw again. I've had two raw blogs in the past two years and I deleted them both when I couldn't make the raw cut. I take the fact that I've found your blog as a divine sign that it's time to do it again (without the failure part). If you could go 100% raw "cold turkey" after the way you were eating (pardon the meat reference),then I can do it too, dagnabbit! I feel another raw food blog comin' on. Hmmm, what'll I call it? This requires further thought...

BTW, about the chips... you know the song...pick yourself up, dust yourself off...(I love chips too.)

Antony Heaven said...

Hey Bunny -

Don't let the nun doll beat you up too badly. You've been doing REALLY WELL and you STILL ARE! I really admire you for being able to continue to live in a house with tempting potato chips and only have occasional blips. Well done!

What put me off potato chips was when someone told me that eating them was like drinking a glass of cooked sunflower oil. Yuck. Somehow it didn't work for potato wedges though. I LOVE potato wedges. I guess we all have our different temptations :-)

Stick with it girl! How can we convince that husband of yours that even though he's thin it's not doing him any good eating all of those potato chips?

Maybe we can't convince him. It's his choice after all.

You are doing really well sweetie and underneath it all I think that nun doll agrees with me :-)

uza said...

You are toooooo funny!

And I know you are going to do well, because you have an amazing ability to NOT GIVE UP even in the face of "slips".

Even with a handful of chips you are eating well, so don't be hard on yourself!

That being said, I'm wondering if you've ever seen the following videos, regarding food addiction and "trigger" foods:

uza said...

Too strange . . .

That link, after the dot come, ends


Anonymous said...

Hi Bunny,

I just found your blog through WLIR and spent all last night reading and catching up. I think your so awesome. We all have a weak moment but the important thing it to forgive and not let this slow you down.

I've been trying to do 100% raw also and its so hard. I think I'm going to try doing a 21 day green smoothie fast.

Keep on blogging!!!

Wendi Dee said...

First, *BIG HUGS* to you.

Second, I was laughing so hard I had tears streaming down my face. I kept thinking, "If this was the first video I ever saw of Bunny, I'd think she was really OUT THERE and quite freaky with the puppet and all." ROFL However, I've seen your videos from the beginning on YouTube and fell in love with you instantly. So, now there's no turning back. :-P

Last, I've said this so many times to my raw food friends:

Even after eating those chips, you are still doing so very much better than you were before you ever started eating raw foods. When we step onto the raw food path and then eat cooked foods, it doesn't mean we have lost the path. We have just hit a rock on the path and stumbled a bit. The path is still there for us to continue our journey. We don't have to go back to the beginning, we just continue on our way.

Your path just wasn't completely smooth and perfect (are there any perfect paths out there, anyway?!). Bunny, eating those chips was still a part of your raw food path; how beautiful is that?!

I love you so much. I hope you don't feel bad about eating the chips. You are doing FABULOUS and inspiring so many people!

Please tell that nun she needs to smack Basil for bringing those chips into the house if he knows they are too tempting to you.

Lots of love to you,


Viv said...

Hi Bunny,

Don't be so hard on yourself and put that maniac nun back on the shelf where she belongs! Get a loving friend down and let him/her encourage you.
The spot was funny though.

I have to confess the only food that I have not given up from my past life is POPCORN! I make it with an air popper and put a little olive oil on it instead of butter and of course some salt. It will eventually go as well, but for that now and again...:)

I know Basil is thin darling but we need to get him healthy as well...just think what that junk food is doing to his wonderful, skinny self. He'll be even hotter when he's rawer!

You have what it takes to be raw AND you have the talent to take it on the road!

Tons of Raw love to you!


Penni said...

Sweet Mother Mary. May I send you some of my special dehydrated chips and crackers so you'll not have to trouble the sister anytime again soon?! When I first went raw and would have a bad day, I went for the wavy Lay's and french onion dip. So, I feel your pain.

Heather said...

Hi Bunny - I just discovered your blog/vlog and am completely hooked! I own a gourmet cookware store (ironic, I know, since I'm a raw foodist) and used to offer cooking classes - I would have loved to have you as an instructor - you really have such a great personality and infectious energy!

I've been raw for only about 14 months now and still have some weak moments with potato chips. We sample some dips in my store and serve them with these really yummy salty, greasy chips and I really struggle to stay away from them!! Actually any kind of potato is REALLY hard for me to resist. Like you, I can be very hard on myself (fortunately I don't have a nun doll beating me up - although maybe I should...), but I believe we can't dwell on it and all we can do it try to do better the next day. And, if every once and awhile, you succomb to the potato chips - so what? It's not the end of the world - it's not like you're gorging on them everday and your overall diet is so healthy and wonderful. You just have to be kind to yourself and realize how great you're doing when there's so many things working against you (like having the chips there in the first place).

Another thing that helps is to notice how you feel after eating something you really don't want to eat. I know after eating a few chips or pasta, I feel very heavy and too full. So I try to remember that next time I'm tempted and remind myself that I won't feel good afterward.

Hang in there! Most Sincerely


Birch Center said...

Oh Bunny!
Just like everyone said, just pick yourself up and continue your raw ways (I know you will.)
I think you mentioned you have a dehydrator? I'm not great at making stuff in there, but flax crackers are so simple and delicious (I put chili powder in mine!)
I soak the flax seeds during the day, and before bed I mix the gel-like flax with lemon juice, salt or nama shoyu (an unpasteurized tamari), garlic (through a garlic press or chopped small) and chili powder. Then spread very thin on your dehydrator teflex sheet and put in on 105. I usually wake up at some point during the night, so at that point I flip the crackers, peel off the teflex and continue dehydrating until morning. In the morning you'll have crunchy delicious crackers that you can break into pieces and dip into that guacamole!

Lisa, aka Pixywinks said...

Love the funny video, but sister needs to smack herself in the head for smacking you! You are doing really great so don't let her beat you up.
Hang in there.
Pixy Lisa

RSAgirl said...

OMG you are so hilarious. The funny thing is here I am on my 4th day of my raw food diet, sipping a glass of white wine trying to think of every reason under the sun why it is good for me when I know it is not. You would never believe that my hubby is the same weight as he was the day I met him 25 years ago. Arrrggghh! He can eat whatever he wants but fortunately he is pretty healthy. The worst for me is potato chips or anything savory. You know I pack my kids lunch everyday because they hate cafeteria food and they are healthy and lean (must take after their dad) etc etc. So when I put some potato chips in a zip lock bag for them I am so tempted.....I even want to lick my fingers off, but I know raw is so much better, I feel so much better eating this way. I am just waiting for my dehydrator that I ordered.Anyway you are such an awesome inspiration to me. So potato chips you may need us but we don't need you!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

oh Bunny you are soooooooo FUNNY! I just love your are real and that makes it so easy to relate to what you are going thru :)

Remember this...this is not a are changing the way you are choosing to eat, so you did not flub up your "diet," you just caved a teeny weeny bit on a chip choice and now you are over it :) Just concentrate more about the 31 days of FABULOUS eating you have done for your body and say, "oh well, glad that slip is done and boy am I glad I've been eating so well, will do much better the next thing I eat :)" I definitely think that making dehydrated crackers will help you bigtime, especially if you make them thin, thin, thin and salty. You don't need a dehydrator, you can set your oven on low and open up the oven door. The temp might be a little higher than a dehydrator, but sure is healthier and will fill you up faster too :)

Also, when I make a bad choice of what I eat, I make sure that I take a vegetarian enzyme tablet/capsule afterwards :)

Enjoy your evening,

LolaBloom said...

Bunny, I am really inspired by you and all day today I kept thinking, maybe I should try this... everything you've been saying has really resonated with me.

My transition to raw has been painful mostly because I think I haven't given myself small goals at first (I tend to be all or nothing) and then I have a hard time giving myself a break when I fall off the wagon a bit.

This vlog entry really spoke to me though, we have to treat ourselves with compassion first and foremost. And you are doing that by taking charge of your health and doing so amazingly well with this challenge.

So, here's to dusting ourselves off, finding a FABU raw chip recipe (maybe dehydrate some seasoned sweet potato slices?!?!) and becoming the Raw Fabu Bunny we all know you can be!

Jessica said...

Bunny! My sis and I just discovered you today and we are inspired! ...and our sides hurt from laughter! We watched every single one of your videos and are convinced you are related to us somewhere down the line! We will be watching you for the rest of the challenge and have committed to starting our own (actually my sis is already on day 4). We have lots of questions and comments for you down the road! But for now, keep being rawsome! Gail at forsytheservices dot com. techgirl321 at gmail dot com (Jessica) New Englanders living in west by god virginia.

Isle Dance said...

(((Be kind to you))) If it makes you feel any better, I can totally relate. What helps me: I envision all of the chemicals that go into growing conventional potatoes and how they accumulate in concentrated amounts inside the potato (since it's a root veggie) and how much those chemicals look like "blue windex" inside those opaque giant plastic "fertilizer" they sit next to the dirt...where the potatoes are growing...because the "blue windex" is pumped into those crops during the whole growth season. Ewww. Ick. Of course, then there are organic chips. Dang it!

Anonymous said...

Sister I feel your pain, potato chips have a special power all to themselves. I can only say that this article on pretty much cured me completely of the desire to ever eat potato chips again in my life. Certainly I still think they would taste good and even ocassionally crave them, however I liken the craving to wanting a drink of slow acting cyanide laced coolaide thanks to the link above.
I hope it helps you as much as it did me (and my husband, who is not the skinniest man on the planet by any means also eats potato chips and crackers, and zone bars, and, and, and...)

Kristen's Raw said...

That's hilarious.

Baby steps are important in my opinion.

We learn and make changes from experiences.

Enjoy the journey, etc :)


PS...Flax Crackers might be yummy and crunchy next time.

Cynthia said...

Hi Bunny -

Discovered your blog just yesterday and it's a blast! We're high raw, but thinking of doing a 90-day 100% raw challenge just because of you!

I'm so glad that people are posting uplifting comments regarding your chip episode - and you deserve all that love and support. Goodness knows I've done my damage to a bag of Ruffles and some onion dip all too recently.

HOWEVER. I DO have to address the elephant in the living room, and that is that women, who are most often the keepers of the food preparation, do NOT take care of themselves. To eat raw food all by yourself and pack tater chips in your kids' lunches because they are young and/or skinny is, in my mind, like saying you are the only one who can't be "normal," because there's something WRONG with you and not THEM, when what is healthy for you is definitely also what is healthy for them - we're all the same type of human organism.

For the difference between "skinny" and truly healthy, read The China Study.

Having said that - perhaps you could love yourself enough - and your darling Basil could love you enough - to not bring those dang chips in the house for at least the next 68 days? He can eat them in the car, eat them at his work, eat them ANYWHERE except at home.

Just a suggestion.

Keep being you! You're such an inspiration.

DestinationRaw said...


I was just noticing how much thinner your face has gotten, and are those dimples I see??? Looking back at your old videos they are not apparent, at least not in the first couple of weeks. Wow . . you are getting to be downright adorable! (Not that you weren't before, but I mean more so). You twinkle so much now, it just radiates!

raw_veganlondoner said...

Dont beat yourself up too bad!! Jump back on the wagon with your fabulous self :) Lovin your vids.. I put them on whilst I make my green smoothies

Much Love xxx

HiHoRosie said...

I think we can all say we've been there. No sense in beating yourself up (or the nun). I have a weakness for tortilla chips because I love all things Mexican but I've learned how to make raw organic corn chips and love 'em! So as others have mentioned there are great alternatives to help you with this temptation. They may not be fried potato chips but they can be tastier and of course, healthier. In our house, we love zucchini chips! My husband thinks of them as popcorn. :) Good luck Bunny on your continued journey. Eat your veggies!! lol

LolaBloom said...

I think there should be a Bunny fan club for those inspired so much to start our own 100 day Raw Food Challenge. We need a cool name tho... I have definitely been bitten by the 100 day Raw Food Challenge bug!!

luna blu said...

I know you from Gone raw!!

Same thing happened to me today!! Wavy Lays too. I only had about 8 of them though. VERY hard to stop!!!!!!

love your blog!

keep on pluggin away!!

Poppy & Mei said...

Awwwwwwwww, Bunny.
You're HUMAN! Isn't that great?
If you keep up with the RAW stuff I'm sure that will combat anything "bad" that a few chips could do to you.
Anyway, guilt'll kill ya.
I doubt a few chips while eating mainly RAW will...;) Xxx

Isle Dance said...

Oooo...someone could make a really cute and fun "100 Day Raw Challenge" blog image and everyone who wants to join in can paste it to their site and report in with their status. Someone would just need to list all of the participating blogs somewhere, so we can click and see. Wee.

rawleen said...

You go girl! Love your blog! Thanks for sharing your heart and soul with us!

Michelle said...

You crack me up sista! I am always so happy to watch your blog. You always make me smile and laugh!

Definitely try some dehydrated flax crackers. I make Mexican ones with tomatoes, onions, cilantro, lime, garlic and flax. They are so good! Way better then boring old potato chips and my hubby and kids even like them. All 5 of them!

Just remember how well you have done so far and pick yourself up and begin again. No biggie! You are fantastic and no potato chip is going to change that!!!


Going Crunchy said...

Oh gosh, I've so worked on my diet for the past year and a half. Diet, exercise, green tea and more. I feel so ashamed that I'm having a major PMS attack and eating Moose Tracks right now as I watch your videos. Argh.

Shirley said...

i tried twice to leave a comment on the youtube site but it didn't work so I'm trying here. I've been potato chip free a little over 2 years - I had to go check what date I started. (I used to eat potato chips as a meal sometimes.) I've only licked one potato chip during that time and that was during the first year. If only I could find the strength to do the other changes I want to do - go vegetarian and then vegan, with some raw days. I'm such a foodaholic. My son hasn't brought many bags of chips into the house during my chipless time and usually when he did it was because he was going somewhere with them. He hasn't even asked me to buy any. Anyway what I tried to write on youtube was that though I don't have a dehydrator and so I haven't tried them, I found this recipe for corn chips.

Wendy said...

Sweet BunBun, you are too funny! And are those KNITTING NEEDLES I see in your hair? ARE YOU A KNITTER?!! OMG...I'm Wendylou on if your'e there!