Sunday, June 8, 2008

6-7-08 Milk in Mililani

6-7-08 Milk in Mililani
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Another reason to give up dairy. I went to Star Market in Mililani tonight to pick up a few fruits, vegetables, and some olive oil. I thought you guys might like to see what dairy prices are like in Hawaii right now.


Isle Dance said...

HI and AK reign when it comes to pricing out the milk. Lordy! Thank goodness for raw vegan!

Antony Heaven said...

Wow, that really is expensive! I'm guessing there are no dairy farms in Hawaii and it all gets flown in - in which case the price is just going to keep on going up! I hope you enjoy your raw vegan feast!

Lisa (Pixywinks) said...

Now you understand why my nephew was milking that goat!

Wendi Dee said...

It's fun seeing the pics and catching up on what you are doing, Beth!! It seems like it's a relaxing visit, so far!

Lots and lots of love to you,


HiHoRosie said...

Yikes is right! Glad I don't drink milk but feel bad for those who do and have to pay such high prices.

yardsnacker said...

They should triple those prices. I'm just saying that when 3/4's of all antibiotics prescribed in the US go to feedlot animals, and now we are drinking their antibiotics in our groundwater, well, too bad so sad. ;)