Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Day 51 of 100 Day Raw Food Challenge: WEIGH IN

Today I weigh in, and it is the halfway mark of my 100 Day Challenge. Not too happy about my weigh in today.


loulou said...

hey there Bunny. The weight-loss plateau thing is a pain, but you know it will drop again soon. Don't get disheartened.
As for the new camera - the picture is so much clearer, you look better and the sound is vastly improved. Bit shaky, my guess is you've been hitting the cacao a bit, eh? Just kidding.
Really loving sharing your journey. So glad we're coming to Hawaii with you. Awesome!

Viv said...

Hi Bunny,

I hear you regarding the weight plateau. I lost eight pounds in the first three weeks of going raw. Then stayed at the same weight for about three weeks and have just now started to lose again. Hang in there!

Also, are you exercising like you talked about awhile back? You know that is a key to good health as well :)

You have had an awesome journey so far. May you continue with many great blessings coming your way.

Have fun packing :)


sarabethxvx said...

hey! Where are you going in hawaii? Scope out any good food places yet?

Anonymous said...

I think your observation about being on antibiotics slowing your weight loss down is right on. Transmuting flesh from our bodies to thin air is hard work, and when all our body's energy is focused on dealing with something intense and nasty like antibiotics things like weight loss go into the freeze zone. I think bodies in distress are much more likely to hold onto weight than bodies that are in ease.

You are doing so well, and even with maintaining the same 16lb weight loss for the last 10 days you have still lost 1 pound every 3.125 days! That is incredible! Programs like the Biggest Loser give very unrealistic expectations about what is normal Imho.

Personally even eating a prolonged 100% raw diet, If I shed a pound a week I am moving fast for my body, more often I am shedding a few pounds a month. Over time it has been consistent and steady, and today my weight is lower than it has been in at least 10 years. Trust and patience that has been the key.

Bunny, keep eating raw food and the weight will melt away, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, but it will melt.

Anonymous said...

WOOHOO! Can't wait to go to Hawaii with you!!!

Isle Dance said...

Oooo...I hope you feel better soon. That does mess with the system. Can't wait to see how the doc visit goes. Hang in there, you're doing great! :o)

Anonymous said...

hi bunny!

16 pounds in 51 days is fantastic..you should loose no more than 10 pounds a month so your right on track!..your such an inspiration. Im so glad i found your blogs. Ive just completed a master cleanse and have been 80 % raw before that..Im now going 100% raw..slow is the way to go...im learning so much..looking forward to your next vids!

HiHoRosie said...

Yay! We're going to Hawaii! I'm all packed and ready to go. hee hee!