Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Raw Treats

Raw Treats
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I haven't been taking many photos lately. I just can't stand the 18-55 mm lens on my Nikon, and Basil normally has the lens I love on his camera for work.

That's a really long explanation for why my flickr feed has been lonely. I think I took about 6 pictures the entire time I was in Honolulu two weeks ago. Stupid lens.

But I did manage to take a picture of the delicious sweet raw treats I made this weekend. I've finally gotten to the point in my life where I can have treats like this in the house without eating them all in one sitting.

I've lost over 20 pounds, and feel more in control of my relationship with food than I have think I have ever been. My body has been thanking me with super soft hair, and over two months of no heartburn.

I know I keep mentioning heartburn as one of the major benefits of going raw, and that's because it's been the most life changing part of the whole experience for me. Before changing the way I eat, I had heartburn all day every single day for four and a half years. When something like that disappears, you want to learn to yodel, and go the the nearest mountaintop.

So, back to the treats. One is a Coconut Blueberry Bar, and the other a Walnut Baci cookie. Both are delicious! I would share the recipes, but I was just in the kitchen experimenting, and didn't do anything sane like measuring or writing down the ingredients.


Viv said...

Hi Bunny,

Your treats look yummmmmmy! Can you share the ingredients if not the ratio?

Feeling a bit puny here. My daughter and I started eating sunflower seeds/pepitas every day to get rid of parasites. I hope they are dying because we feel like we are! I hope that's not too much of a gross out

Have you been contacted by the media yet? You could certainly pull it off. I told you this before. Just thought I'd mention it again. Raw needs to sweep the nation with your face and personality on it.



angela clark said...

These treats make my mouth water - please do give us the general list of ingredients. And I agree with Viv - you Rawk when it comes to Raw Footage! You are very fun and personable!

Congrats on the 21 pound loss. I am hoping for 20-25 pounds in my 90 day Adventure. I weigh-in tomorrow on day 35.

I will probably join you on your next 100 days - only I will start on the 21st of August as my day 90 is August 20th.

How is your energy level? Mine is low right now...and I hope the Raw energy kicks in soon.

Raw friend,