Monday, July 7, 2008

Day 86 of 100 Day Raw Food Challenge- How Do I Get Protein?

Today I discuss the most frequently asked question I've gotten since starting this raw vegan challenge: Where Do You Get Your Protein?


Anonymous said...

You're totally right! I've been studying nutrition and how it works with disease processes for a couple of years now in Nursing School. Nobody in this country is protein deficient as long as they are getting enough calories. In fact, many SADers take in too much protein. Besides, it's the essential amino acids the body uses, not the actual protein molecules. For any person going into raw food, but also wants to keep or build muscle mass all they must do is make sure they're taking enough calories in to support their metabolic needs.

Finds RDA's and what the government tells us we *should* be eating rather frightening (thank you grain, meat, and dairy industries!)

thursday said...

I am looking forward to the upcoming details of the August challenge. I've been following your journey for over a month and I am excited to see the changes you've made!

sarabethxvx said...

good one today bunny!

Anonymous said...

seeing how your topic was about protein, I was curious if you had seen this?

Deborah said...

I agree with you Bunny ... eat a varied diet. Also our bodies let us know if something is not quite right ... ie. fatigue, hair falling out ... yikes! Can't wait to sign up. This should be a double challenge for me as I will be away ... computer access though ... for the first two weeks.


Anonymous said...

Protein Content of Fruits

Banana: 4%
Papaya: 7%
Peach: 7%
Avocado: 5%
Orange: 9%
Watermelon: 7%

Average protein content of fruit: 5%

Protein Content of Vegetables

Tomatoes: 17%
Cucumber: 21%
Lettuce: 59%
Celery: 25%

Average protein content of vegetables: 20%

Protein Content of Nuts & Seeds

Almonds: 15%
Sesame Paste (tahini):12%
Sunflower seeds: 15%
Pumpkin seeds: 17%

Average protein content of nuts and seeds: 15%

Average protein content of a low-fat raw food diet: 7-8%

As long as you eat enough to meet your caloric needs and you eat a good variety of foods, there is absolutely no need to fear any protein deficiency. A raw-food diet of fruits and vegetables, even if it doesn't include a lot of nuts and seeds, provides about 7-10% of protein a day.

Excess protein is actually not healthy, just like excess fat.


HiHoRosie said...

Protein schmotein! :) Thanks for the good video. I no longer worry about how much protein I consume. I figure I'm getting enough or my body will tell me. We've been "trained" to think we need more than we should.

Isle Dance said...

Right on!

Lisa (Pixywinks) said...

Yes, the question should be "Am I getting too much protein?" Istead of "not enough".
Pixy Lisa