Friday, July 25, 2008

I'd Do A Thousand Days

Today I get a little verklempt over an e-mail I got from a Raw Fu Challenger, and I talk about Basil and I being in a major bicker fest.


Wendi Dee said...

You are far from being an idiot, darling! Look at what you learned--your joints are hurting from eating pizza. Even if you knew it before, now you know for sure when you eat it, your body isn't responding in a healthy way. My joints always used to hurt from bad fats (especially from Chinese food).

I love that you talked out what's going on between you and Basil, because it seemed like it helped you work through it in a way. Yay!

Thanks for sharing yourself with us, Bunny.

Lots of love to you,


p.s. Basil, I hope you are feeling better very soon. HINT: Pizza is NOT going to help you feel better. :-P I hope you'll join the 100-day challenge, Basil. We'd love to get to know you better, too! XOXOXO

~Anastazia~ said...

Hi, Little Bunny Foo Foo! (Every time I see "Bunny" that asong comes to me! Maybe you can write a RAW version!)
Thanks for sharing so openly & honestly, good stuff! Not enough REAL people in the world but it's nice to know one more!
Pizza does me in, too, & the last time I broke raw to eat it, I decided that was it, the absalute last time! Ain't worth the price I paid! (& I don't just mean for my wallet's sake!)
& yes, Mr. Basil, come join us! We need your flavor there (Basil...get it??? OK, lame, I know, but I'm real tired, it's the best I could come up with!) I hope you'll consider joining us! & am prayin' ya get better real quick!
Watch out for that cheeze, it's a mucus-former, & that's teh last thing ya want when you're feelin' yucky!
Thanks for the new video, Bunny! Keep 'em comin'!

~Anastazia~ said...

Little Bunny Raw Foo,
hoppin' thru the internet,
pickin' up the cooked food eaters
& boppin' 'em on the head!

& along came the raw food fairy,
& she said,
"Little Bunny Foo,
I don't wanna see you
pickin' up the cooked food eaters
& boppin' 'em on the head!
I'll give you
oooooooone more chance!"

So Little Bunny Foo Foo
went hopping thru the internet
callin' all the cooked food eaters
invitin' 'em to join her instead!

Then little Bunny Foo Foo
planted a Raw Fu garden,
invited everyone to come on in
& eat RAW food instead!

& along came the Raw Food Fairy...
& she said,
"Little Bunny Foo Foo,
I'm likin' what I see in you,
pickin' up the other bunny's
& huggin' 'em now instead!
So I'll give you one wish...

So little Bunny Foo Foo
wished that she could ALWAYS do
what needed to be done to
inspire others to try raw instead!
{AND SHE DID!!!!!!!!!}

Little Bunny Foo Foo!

(Not that I think you were boppin' others on the head, that's just how the story goes!
Gee, now that I think about it,I hope you've HEARD the Little Bunny Foo Foo story before, or this is goona seem REAL silly! It probably does anyways! I do get silly when I'm this tired! That's my excuse & I'm stickin' to it!)

to be invited
to your garden,

Penni said...

This message is by far one of your more poignant and it speaks to all of us. Balancing this life, what we are called to do, how things effect us and those around us....these are REAL issues that shouldn't be taken lightly. It's very big of you be vulnerable and address them.

Will you please tell Basil how much we adore him? I mean it...he's sharing his time with you with us and we shouldn't take that for granted. Better yet, send us his email and we can start sending fan mail to him for being so friggin cool. Raw or not, Basil is our homeboy.

I love you, BOTH!

Shani said...

O.M.G. Bunny - when you brought up the ointment, I started laughing so hard I started choking! I didn't even finish watching before I posted.

That cracked me UPPPP!!!!

you are a wonder, my dear. have a great weekend!

Aimee said...

Bunny, if you must cheat please cheat with gluten-free pizza. Amy's frozen pizza is not bad. I have been gluten-free for 12 years and it is not easy but you can do it. Especially when you remember how much pain you get from it. Unfortunately, I get immediate vomit reaction. Anyhow, you know how much better you feel without wheat so please stay off it!

Also thanks for the honesty about your relationship. It is easy to think everybody's relationship is perfect and yours is the only one with problems. But really no one is perfect.

sarabethxvx said...

bunny... maybe I shouldn't send you donuts... I don't want the gluten to make you sick... let me know by monday!

Uza said...


Vlogging really is like therapy, isn't it??? So thanks for encouraging me to do it. It amazes me how many people give a hoot what I have to say!

As for you and Basil, this too shall pass. Relationships are so hard to maintain, much less keep on an even keel at all time. My hat is off to anyone who can hold it together as long as you two have and still be speaking!

But that's just me.

I suspect you still don't really understand how profoundly you have affected A LOT of people these last few months. You are such a gift. And I feel so blessed to know you, even just a little bit. Surely you have found your life's purpose!

We love you, Dr. Oprah Bunny!

Basil, we would absolutely love to have you join us on Aug. 1st . . . you have nothing to lose (not even weight!) so why not give it a try? Surely you've seen the transformation it's made upon your beautiful wife! Come on, live a little . . . .

Lisa (Pixywinks) said...

I vote Basil into Raw Fu challenge even if he wants to eat pizza. I think he deserves to be in on his name alone, besides that he's married to the instigator of it all.

Great vid today Bun Hun. You make our world a little brighter.

Pixy Lisa

Keriann said...

"and i feel great, i mean except for my elbows"
HAHAHAHA...i love that part! i chuckled!

aww bunny, i'm sorry ur joints are hurtin and that u and the hubby aren't seeing eye to eye at this exact moment...but boy, do you look great! you're energy is amazing and i LOOOOOVED this video.

for me, this video is going to be something i go back to, during this next challenge, when i'm feeling like i might go off course. i really enjoyed this one. so thank you.

and p.s. you may have helped this person get a correct diagnosis and OH MY how wonderful that is..but i think you deserve to know that you are helping all of us, in our own little way. we are all different and all take something different away from you. how great is that? keep up all your hard work's paying off (in more ways that you probably even know!)

lots of love to you dear!! :) xoxo

RawBin said...

haha "verklempt" (love this) I think you're so fun to watch. That's so cool that you're getting to see the help you're giving others. Way cool.
About the pizza... THAT is the one thing that kept me at less than 100% for the longest time. (like-when will I learn??) I'd have the aches and the pains and the misery... and then I'd get better and do it all over again!
Don't beat yourself up over what you ate yesterday. Just pick yourself up, grab an apple and move forward.
My hubs and I are really moving in opposite directions right now and I absolutely hear you on that. I'm hoping that our paths will cross back together soon.

Megan said...

Hi Beth, I think you've described an issue common in most relationships well, certainly in mine anyway.

One of the issues i've had in adopting a raw food lifestyle full time is that i have a completely different energy level to everyone else (mentally and physically) and it makes life difficult, particularly questioning the 'ideal' that we've been raised to believe. In short, i've begun to question my entire life's meaning which is a confronting concept, hence this has been the most difficult issue for me in maintaining a raw diet.

Thank you for your honesty as always :)

HiHoRosie said...

I'm a bit behind in responding but still wanted to - hope that's okay.

Sorry to hear about your sore elbows and hips. I recently had an experience with eating teriyaki. It gave me the worst leg cramps ever! So I feel your pain, so to speak, about learning what our bodies can and cannot handle.

Hey and someone else was able to get themselves and YOU a proper diagnosis! :)

You know I can relate to the friction in a relationship b/c you're on two different paths. When my hubby wanted to go all raw, I just wasn't ready and it really put me on edge. I just wasn't sure how we could make meal time a smooth, comfortable time but it all worked, obviously, b/c I've been eating lots of raw foods for a year now and am about to go 100% on 8/1 for the challenge. things just have a way of working out. :)