Friday, August 15, 2008

Raw Fu Challenge- Day 6- The Salad Phenomenon

Today I talk about the salad phenomenon, and how I'm trying to just experience it and eat the damn salad.


Anonymous said...

I think this absolutely has been the best video you have made on here since starting, and it contains a very important message. Thank you :)

granola said...

I just found you today through a link from someone else's page. Anyway, this is AWESOME! You are so supportive! I just cannot type fast enough to say enough nice things about you. I wish I knew about your site sooner.
Keep up the great work & thank you for sharing your journey!

Anonymous said...

I just found you today also...I'm so sad I missed the cutoff for the raw food challenge...My son and I are both on day 7 without us even knowing about your challenge...I guess we'll have to wait to officially join next time...but I will continue to look at your blog. I loved your message, I sometime feel the same way...and I loooooove your sense of humor...keep up the great work.

Kayliegh said...

Hi Bunny!
Everytime I try to log onto Rawfu since last night it says the site is under mantaince and I can't access the community! Do you know anything about this? I need my daily dose of Raw Fu!

Stephani said...

I have been following your blog for a long time now and haven't written, but after this message, I just had to!

I have been feeling the same thing! I just can't eat a salad on some days, but I have been craving green smoothies like crazy. I went through a phase in the winter where I couldn't stand the smell and sight of even my most favorite smoothie.

Hopefully this will pass for both of us and we can enjoy our salads while the season has so many great additions for them!

Thanks for doing what you do, I love it!

Nicole said...

Hey girlfriend. I know what it feels like. So hang in there but I promise it will get better and better. I went vegan a few months ago and it's not that easy. Eating raw can be challenging to. But it is sooooo rewarding in the end.