Friday, August 15, 2008

Why You Need Calories to Lose Weight: Silly Bunny

Today I talk about why I don't think I was losing weight during the last 20 days of my last raw food challenge. Calories are important! Don't skimp on the calories!


Anonymous said...

I noticed the guy was talking about switching from regular sodas to diet sodas, I am a health minister and teach classes from George Malkmus, and Dr. Robert O. Young. You should never buy anything that says low fat, fat free or diet on it. All Diet foods
have aspertame in them and aspertame is one of the most deadly things you can put into your body, they ware saying now that it is not if but when you will get a brain tumour from the diet drinks and all things that have aspertame in them. A couple of other things that are deadly are msg, and soy sauce. anything that has the lables on them diet, low fat, fat free etc. have things added to them that make you gain weight and crave all the wrong things. Also any type of sodas have 25 teaspoons of sugar. we as americans are addicted to sugar.