Monday, September 29, 2008

Lessen Your Charge Around Food

Today, Kevin Gianni from the Renegade Health Show is our celebrity raw food guest, and brings amazing insight about how to lessen your charge around the food you're eating.

THANK YOU, Kevin! This is wonderful.

Photos and stats are starting to surface as challengers start to really see what changing their diet for 2 months can do to help reshape their bodies and their lives. Check out Raw Fu Member Billie's Pants Photo:

And Raw Fu Member Raw Bella is down 43 pounds, and has lost 11 inches from her waist! Congratulations, Raw Bella! You are such a fun and inspiring person in our lives. So proud of you, honey:

C'mon, let's get FIRED UP! And make the next 40 days cleaner, leaner, and meaner than the first 60.



Dhrumil said...

Kevin G! Great video.

Keep up the fantastic-ness Bunny.

Jennifer said...

So did he ever answer how to accomplish this? Which questions to ask yourself? I'm lost...