Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Raw Fu Challenge Day 62- Bunny Interviews Steve Irwin

Today I announce the winner of the "You Might Be a Raw Foodist If..." contest set up by Gypsy Mama. Congratulations, Sunshine!

Also, I found out that Matt Amsden is doing a teleconference interview with Kevin Gianni tonight at 7pm! Don't miss that.

I couldn't get Matt Amsden on Raw Fu, but I do have a surprise celebrity guest on the show today. Please help me welcome Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, to our raw food community! Give it up for Steve!


Wendi Dee said...

Crikey, what's up with that Matt Amsden dude, not jumping at the chance to spend some time chattin' it up with the lovely Bunny Berry?!

If it makes you feel any better, I contacted him in the past about something and he never responded to me, either. :-P

Lots of love to you,