Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Garden Update 11/11/08

Garden Update 11/11/08, originally uploaded by darnlucky.

I am able to supplement my salad greens from the garden every day, and have been experimenting with some delicious collard wraps. Love my square foot garden!


Sean said...

Hey Bunny,

Looks like you have a great SFG going on there! I too am a fan of Mel Bartholomew and think it is a great way to go for gardeners.

I have tried nearly every method out there and after 20 years and Master Gardener certification I can tell you that square foot gardening is the single best gardening method for space, efficiency and YUM TASTING veggie yields! ;)

Love your YouTube vids...

Your RAW Twitter Pal,


Lauren said...

Gorgeous garden! I am so jealous!!! My herb garden is frozen right now, I am a bad gardener!