Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Raw Fu Challenge Day 97 - The Eyebrow Story

Today I tell you all about the eyebrow story. Fashion faux pas #1- Shaving your own eyebrows. I'm past the itchy phase, thank you Jeebus. And I've finally mastered the draw on brow, thanks to RawFu member, Linda!

THANK YOU LINDA!!! With 3, yes, 3 exclamation points.


WillBFineby2009 said...

I would love you to e-mail me.I am going back to your Dayy= 1 raw eating & read & watch the videos.I want to slowly do raw ,& I have been doing the Raw kale fruit or vegi drink in the AM......What do you eat for protein????Nuts?What recipe books R good??? Thanks

Kymm said...

Well Miss little bunny raw fu hopping through the forest... You look Super Skinny!! You go girl! I think I want to do the holiday mini challenge. Can you give the details again?

P.S. The brows look good.

Isle Dance said...

Oh my goodness, what you have been through! :o)