Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Holiday Crafty

Holiday Crafty, originally uploaded by darnlucky.

I'm making holiday crafty rice socks to take to friends in Dallas this weekend. They're not only cute, and can be heated up to use as a stress reliever, but I've been adding different aromatherapy to each one.

From left to right: Orange/Tangerine Pick Me Up, Night Night Owl, and Lavendar Lilypads


Angela said...

I have my crafty sock around my neck as we speak! I LOVE the owl:) I feel loved - and toasty!

It was a blessing to share the weekend with you. Your flip cam will be delivered to your house on Thursday. Can't have a Bunny without a Flip! I'm sure there were some interesting things you could have videoed at the DFW airport today...