Monday, December 1, 2008

I'm Back. Now, Where Were We?

It's the beginning of a brand new month, and the beginning of a brand new path for me. Today I headed to the health food store to stock up on a few all natural stress relievers. I've had the entire weekend to process the events of last week, and I have to tell you that I am genuinely EXCITED about this huge wake up call in my life. I am making big plans to make wonderful things happen in my future, and no more sitting back on my laurels! The time is NOW!

Over the weekend, I did have the opportunity to do a Breakfast with Bunny call. You'll have to listen to the great interview I did with langelbleu. I had a great time on the call, and got to learn more about the interesting HCG protocol that she has been doing over the summer. Check the interview out here:

Also, the PEAS TEES are finally available for order! ORDER YOUR TEE SHIRT BY DECEMBER 9th! Since we do the printing locally, we have to put all of the orders in at once, so any orders in after the 9th might not make the print run. Go here to ORDER:

A HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU FOR GETTING ME THROUGH THIS CHALLENGE. And for those of you who have donated to Raw Fu, I cannot tell you how much that means to me. Words can't express. I'll be using the donations for future Raw Fu enhancements, and projects! It's just going to get better and better!



Isle Dance said...

You look phenomenal. You sound secure. Your Peas on Earth Tees are PRECIOUS!!! :o)

Isle Dance said...

And by "secure" I mean "grounded." You rock. :o)


My husband is allergic to the B-12 tablets. What brand of liquid B-12 did you buy?