Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I wanted to show you a sampling of the food that we had at the Raw Fu Holiday party. Small raw lasagna bites, green salad with pears, blueberry pie, cherry cobbler, fruit salad. Oh yes, us raw foodists are so deprived, aren't we?

Pictures of raw food were definitely important to me when I was exploring if raw food was going to be the right lifestyle for me. Once I saw that the food could be more than just a glorified veggie tray, I got excited to start creating recipes.

Instead of YouTube, spend some time today on Flickr. and search "raw food". I think you might just get inspired! And when your friends and family ask about what you eat on a raw food diet, share pictures with them like the one from the holiday party. :)

I have spent the day reading, studying, wrapping my brain around what direction I want my life to go. Enjoying the questions. When I got home yesterday, the boys had the Christmas tree up. From the window, I drove up and saw pretty multi-colored twinkling lights. Then when I got inside, I could see that the lights were only on the part of the tree that you could see from the street. The bottom of the tree was still bare, and dark. It made me laugh, and reminded me of walking behind the set of a theater scene.

The boys were so happy to see me. Beckett slept on my pillow along with me last night, and even though I was cramped and kept having dreams about falling off the bed, I was so happy to have him near me.



Wendi Dee said...

Awww! I love snuggling with my little one, too (even though she's 13).

It sounds like a peaceful, beautiful day there for you!


Haylee said...

I'm commenting here because I'm new to the site and don't quite know my way around yet. *blush* There's so much stuff! I'm going to be following your blog, though. You seem awesome! :) Blessings!

Fun 'n' Raw said...

What are the balls made of?


:: nbcreative :: said...

Hi Bunny! Can't believe it's been several months since our first meetup at R Thomas in Atlanta!

I don't know if this is the best way to get a hold of you, but is there any way to get the awesome breakfast with bunny interviews in a downloadable format? I love running while listening/learning from other rawbies. :)

Oh yeah, I have something for us to chat about.. possible web work. If you have time or are interested, could you email me? ;)

Thanks chica!
:: nicole ::

:: nbcreative :: said...

Oh yeah, an email would be helpful, eh?


Anonymous said...

the best raw fiesta ever!

Anonymous said...

OK I just read nbcreative's post and you met at R Thomas in Atlanta...
and then at R Thomas house (Robert Thomas - big daddy's house) here in Texas....

is there a theme going on??