Friday, January 9, 2009

Andre's Revenge Day 9- Partying Like Babysitters

Tonight we are in Atlanta, partying it up with the kids crew. My sister in law, Kristine, is amazing, and not only had dinner in the crockpot for the kids and Basil, but also had the fridge stocked with raw food goodies for me.

The 4 year olds are in the bathtub, the dogs are wrestling next to me, and my 8 year old nephew, Blake, is kicking Basil's butt in Tiger Wood's golf for the Wii.

Being unemployed has it's advantages. Being able to drop everything and come stay here for the weekend with the kids is one of those things you miss out on when you have a job. We slept in until 10, leisurely got up and cleaned out, and then reported for babysitting duty. I have a feeling I'm getting a job offer next week, so I'm trying to relish every moment.

She carpes the diem.