Monday, February 23, 2009

ANDRE'S REVENGE DAY 22- Guest Vlogger Penni Shelton

Today Bunny asked me if I'd deliver the RawFu message for the day. It's a pleasure to stand in the gap but I know we'll all be ready for Bunny to get back to the red puppet room for her daily updates! It sounds like she's having an amazing time down in San Antonio and learning so much. BunBun....we miss you and love you....MUAH!!!

Just a word of warning.....I didn't get all vamped up for the video, so you get me unplugged, no mascara and see if you can tell that I'd just been drinking a raspberry smoothie before I went on camera. I can see faint lines above my lips that resemble a Joker mustache. I really need to do more vlogging....

Anyway, I want you to tell me..... HOW'S YOUR DAY 22 GOING?