Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Day 17 of 100 Day Raw Food Challenge: Nutritional Update

Today I reveal the results of my nutrion tracking. Ohh, ahhh. It's so exciting! Come on over, you might learn a thing or two about raw food nutrition, selenium, niacin, calcium, and how vegans get their B-12


Anonymous said...

Bunny, you are doing great!!! I went almost two years without checking my RDA on anything...just went by instinct for what I was desiring. I'm still alive and doing great. ;-P

However, now (after being 90 pounds lighter and a whole lot healthier) I am ready to take my health to an even greater level. So, I started tracking my intake of vitamins/minerals, etc.

Some days my calories are low, like you showed. Other days they are high. I think overall they are balancing out, since I have halted at this current weight for quite some time, now.

If you think you are consistently getting too few calories, I read it's easy to increase them by consuming a lot of sweet fruits.

Again, you are doing so GREAT!! I enjoy your videos--you are a fun person!!

Lots of love to you!

Wendi Dee

Keriann said...

honestly, i look forward to your blog every day! i can't wait to get home from work each day to see what you've blogged about. thanks for all your humor, all your advice, all your realness. stay strong and're doing great bunny!

cy said...

so far so good! i wish you the best in your continued journey towards radiant health. xoxo cy

Anonymous said...

OMrawGoodness! Bunny I just discovered you and I am floored. You really are awesome. I have been back and forth hi raw then crappy family food then a little of both. I love your videos. I think May Day, tomorrow, is a great new start for me...Thanks for making me smile. My fledgling blog is

I am not here to give advice, just oodles of love! You are awesome!

Isle Dance said...

Fantastic! I love the protein part. Makes me want to start noting that, as it's always the big question. Good job!