Monday, May 19, 2008

5-19-08 Lunch

5-19-08 Lunch
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Oh, yeah, you know you want some of that delicious orange pepper flax seed dressing I whipped up. Note to self, do not like snow peas raw. Way too bitter.


Bonnie said...

Hmm ... I wonder if you got a bad batch of snow peas ? I usually find them sweet !!

Antony Heaven said...

I so ((do)) want some of that dressing! Like Bonnie, I also find snow peas are usually sweet raw. Think of me today Bunny - I'm going out into the big unraw world totally unplanned ... if only I had some of your dressing to take with me :-)

Isle Dance said...

I don't like peppers, but that dressing sure looks yummy. I'd eat it big time! :o)

Isle Dance said...

P.S. I hope my "I don't like peppers" statement did not sound negative. My poor taste buds are just a teensy weensy on the sensitive side. LOL. They meant to say: "That looks YUMMY, even though we're usually afraid of peppers!"

Viv said...

You are so talented making all these great raw foods. I wish that I lived next door to you. I would pay you for your gourmet raw!

Veggie Power!


Lindsay said...

use sugar snap peas instead!! :)
they're awesome raw!