Monday, May 19, 2008

Day 36 of 100 Day Raw Food Challenge- White Knuckle Raw Food

Today I explain how I've been going through a white knuckle raw food period, and that adopting this as a full time lifestyle is not always easy.

I've been grieving my relationship with food, and feeling every emotion that comes with that.


LolaBloom said...

Bunny, you're a rock star. Thank you for sharing because, yeah, so many of us are going through the same thing.

I was inspired by you to start my own 100 day challenge and I'm just starting day 4.

I haven't been 100% perfect but learning from my mistakes and from what works/doesn't work for me and knowing that I am really doing awesome overall. That's what motivates me to keep going....that and your vlog of course ;)

TheWriterStuff said...

Hey Bunny, hang in there, white knuckles and all. I bet what you're feeling is part of the detox symptoms that often go with switching to the raw food diet. Detox symptoms are not only physical. When you get out of this funk, you'll feel better than ever!

I'm starting all over again and find your videos very helpful and inspiring. I'm struggling right along with you. Many of us are. You are not alone.

Isle Dance said...


Way to go!! Good job sharing your challenges!!

I have food allergies, so I have my white knuckle moments for different reasons. Do I eat XYZ and suffer the consequences of the food (hives, asthma, etc., which are so pretty) or the consequences of the medications (racing heart palpitations, knocking me out, etc.) or do I not?

There's nothing more humiliating to me, than choosing to eat that which I know is harming me. Especially, where on an island, everybody knows when you're doing it. And trust me, I'm not proud of it. Again, you are not alone! Promise!!! :o)

Also, missy: You are ((not)) selfish for doing this to lose weight. Goodness, I'm wagging my finger at you. Apparently, it's just normal for us to ((suffer)) a bit, while finding our path to health. No pain, no gain, it seems, when it comes to uncovering all those layers of emotional growth and clarity. Just when we feel our worst, it seems we're actually experiencing some breakthroughs. It just feels so different, that we have to plug through (((and feel))) it, to get to the other side. :o)

That said, I know nothing about ideal calorie intake, but the supposed expert on this segment explained something about calorie intake which I've never heard before and I'm including it, just in case it helps - but please know I would never ever recommend anything else about this segment:

Ooooh, and you can have raw organic nut butter! You are so talented, you could probably make it yourself, but sometimes it's helpful to have it ready made. And the best raw organic nut butter in the world to me (and I think I've tried every brand on the store shelf) is this: which I purchase here:

Also, something that seems to help in the moments where I want to "treat" myself with junk, is to instead "treat" myself with amazing raw food. I just have to remind myself to think that way. It is a new challenge, for sure.

Plus, it takes a lot of work for us to get where we are - wherever that is. It's no fair ((to anyone)) that our culture supports an unhealthy lifestyle. That our culture makes it easy. The norm. They're not helping us help ourselves. Because they can't help themselves. But we know better. And we can begin to lead the way.

I think it's healthy to set a time frame to grieve and whine. It's this process which allows us to think and process and redirect. Then we choose to redirect. And get all excited about it. Until our next scheduled whine session. LOL! It's all okay. You're doing terrific. :o)

Anonymous said...

Losing weight isn't selfish! At all! It's for you, yes, but that's really important.

This whining is important. It's honest. It's part of the journey. At least, I think so!

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

wendi dee said...

*HUGE HUGS* to you, Sweetie!!

Do you even realize how amazing you are?! You were able to go through all of that this past weekend and see what was happening, hear what your inner chatter, feel all of the emotions you were experiencing. WOW! I'm impressed. Most people just feel an uncomfortable feeling (usually frustration) and they don't try to figure it all out--they just give up and say it was too hard.

Not you, though! Look at you here sharing your experience and helping others see the cycle!

You know what else, Beth? You DO have it harder than some of us who went/are going raw. You are coming from a SAD background. I, and quite a few others, came to raw with vegetarian/vegan years of experience and intense interests in natural health. I can only imagine how much more difficult the change is for you, but it must be significant. I say that not to make the path more difficult for you, but to boost you up for all that you've accomplished so far!! You've come so far in the past 36 dyas and I'm SUPER PROUD of YOU!!!!

I love you so very much!


Birch Center said...

Hi Bunny,
You are awesome! That's just what I go through with raw foods. I gained a ton of weight after my babies (though I've had food/body image issues for a long time.)
I'm so glad you are blogging and putting these videos up, they are so great to watch and I look forward to them every day! (It's so hard on the weekends without your updates!)
~ Melissa

Deborah said...

I have come to depend on your blog for a good dose of "reality check". You are probably the most honest raw blogger out there. When I read about all the people who have had no problem going raw and I repeatedly stumble ... I watch your vlog and you really speak to ME. I am also trying to lose weight and feel that doing it raw is the healthiest and has the best chance to remain a part of my life the longest. I am just diagnosed with MS and feel that this can help me a lot too.

Thanks for putting yourself out there. I love the honesty, humor and self deprecation ... you are really an asset to all of us struggling along with you and a great role model ... :)

Anonymous said...


I think you are so awesome and hang in there. We all know that this is a journey of discovery. Also just try to remember its not a diet and this is a lifestyle change. Everyone has those moments and you'll come through it a champ.

HiHoRosie said...

Bunny - again, I can totally relate! I sometimes wonder why I didn't do this or why did I do that (why can't I be normal?!) and if only I knew better way back when then right now I wouldn't have weight issues or be overly concerned with my long term health but it's my life based on my choices. If anything, because of those choices I'm learning so much about healthy eating, and healthy alternatives and have made so many raw FRIENDS that if I had been living right to begin with I wouldn't have any of these experiences or friends. That makes me sad to think. Just think of all the people you've touched and inspired with your story. I agree with The Writer Stuff, when she suggested detox. What makes this lifestyle difficult at times is the culture we live where everything is convenient these days. Food comes from boxes or fast food places. None of which is real food. But it's convenient. For me that's the challenge. I love eating raw and healthy but there are those days when I just wish something was quick and convenient (more than a salad or smoothie which are easy ruts to fall into)! Not because it's a craving of junk food but a craving for something quick! Anyway, keep up the awesome progress you've made, just remember you are human and a wonderful one at that.

Natasha said...

Dear Bunny Baby,
You get to whine! It's part of the game.
We all slip and even fall, then we get up and do it again.
Kind of like ice skating.

Roller-Coaster of Love...

Antony Heaven said...

Dear Bunny

I am here for you too. I really am! And from now on I shall be looking out for evidence of those delicious food pictures on this blog.

Looking back, I realise I should have known something was up when you did your food or religion question.

Ah well, you white knuckled it but you did it. I applaud you for your ability to reflect. Your self awareness is going to take you where you want to go.

This way of eating seems to take us all to places we don't necessarily want to go.

Well Done for holding on, white knuckles and all!

Antony xx

Penni said...

BunBun...your care package is in the mail. I love ya' sister and I know all about that roller coaster ride...yep, I know it well. Raw food is a journey of self discovery. It isn't easy for people like us. But it will heal and nurture us every time we make the choice in that direction.

You're loved!!

RawBin said...

Hey, Bunny! I needed this vlog today. I had a very difficult weekend and although totally intending to remain 100% raw during my vacation in Florida, I had several encounters with SAD food! Bringing me down physically and emotionally. So much so that when I woke today, I had trouble getting back into the raw food prep routine, preferring to stay off track. I drank my green smoothie and went on to other stuff.

I'm thankful that my tiller has been repaired. Tomorrow, I plan to toil in the garden, digging up the earth all day, getting back to basics.

As for your concerns with raw food for selfish reasons... Yes, I'm ill when I eat wheat, meat, dairy, etc., but often my main reason for wanting to stay raw is 'cause I want to be my old thin self again. Thus granting myself that self worth and happiness I remember from my thin days.

pianissima said...

great video!

it's interesting because i didn't do this for weight loss, but for my health. and i think to a lot of people it SEEMS like it was easy because they only see the result.

i think the "perfect raw foodists" that you speak of actually had a harder time than they let on. i think they sugar-coat their experience so they don't put raw beginners off from starting the "journey". my latest blog entry touches on this a little.

anyway, you are VERY inspiring and i just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS!


Donkeyfunny said...


I love that you made this particular blog today! Seriously I am sitting here at work, struggling not to just start doing the ugly cry. I also have been using raw food as a way to lose weight. And I get VERY lost trying to decipher what to do when the food frustrations stack up because most of the people who blog about this sort of thing seem like the hippie/ animal loving/ do-gooder sort... And though there is nothing wrong with that at all.. I can't relate. A thousand thank you's for all your brilliant honesty. You made my week! You are really changing and impacting peoples' lives with your challenge. Again, thank you!

Viv said...

I went to bed with a catch in my throat after watching you last night. Bless your heart, you are entirely too hard on yourself. You have so much to give. And when you need to receive we are here for you.
I do so much appreciate your candor. You are a real live person with real life struggles just like the rest of us! Nobody enjoys "perfect" people or people who think they are perfect, gag.. It's enjoying the journey of life to together with its ups and downs that bind us together in real love.