Thursday, May 1, 2008

Day 18 of 100 Day Raw Food Challenge: Raw Freezer Cooking

Today I divulge my plan to create some yummy raw food freezer recipes like the ones that on my site at

I also talk about how I'm retaining water. Can you say PMS?


Isle Dance said...

Excellent ideas!

Isle Dance said...

And have you tried raw chocolate powder yet? Check out my pudding post this week, blending: Banana, raw chocolate and agave. FANTASTIC for the chocolate cravings!

Anonymous said...

I love your lazydaygourmet RAW idea. Even the unraw version for my family :) I really look forward to seeing what happens with your freezer experiments! Your youtube videos always make me smile and giggle. I just want to reach into my computer monitor and give you a big hug!

Michelle said...

My husband makes his smoothies every night before bed and puts them in the quart sized mason jars that I used for my juice. I don't think you are supposed to freeze in them but he does it and it works great for him.

Love the video