Saturday, May 3, 2008

Day 20 of 100 Day Raw Food Challenge- WEIGH IN

Today I have my 20 Day Weigh In, and even though I am extremely water logged from PMS, I have actually lost a couple more pounds!

I spend some time today loving my wonderful online friends, and getting jiggy with it about how all it takes is changing your own mind to make a difference in the world.


Wendi Dee said...


I know I keep leaving comments for you saying how much I love you, but I want to say it again: I LOVE YOU! You are so awesome. There is an honesty and energy that comes from you that makes me want to just hug and kiss you! You, my dear, are the one who RAWks!!

Congrats on the continued weight loss, on continuing with the challenge, and on being such a rebel and sneaking your own dressing into a restaurant! :-P

Lots and lots of love to you!


Penni said...

I'm totally with are the absolute best. You are are new raw Diva Star!! I teared up watching your video. You are going to be the voice of the new generation. My raw talent scout radar is going crazy!

You HAVE to come to Raw Spirit Festival in Sedona this September! It would be so cool. You'll be all svelte by then and can show your booti-liciousness off to the raw food world! Think about it!!

Dea said...

Hi Bunny,
Penni told me about you and sent me a link to your blog, you are so funny and sincere and upbeat. Love that!
I switched to living foods in April 2007, I lost 49 lbs in 1 year, I didn't just lose the weight but I lost depression, bad attitude, and self pity along the way. I am loads more fun to be around and look and feel better too.
Big hug, please tell me your name on GITMR so I can add you as a friend.
Love to you Dea xo

HiHoRosie said...

I love watching your videos! And I'm in agreement with everyone here what an awesome person you. You have this energy that is positive and inspiring and catchy that I can't help but smile - congrats on your weight loss and the progression you've made over the last 20 days. And I completely agree with you on "transforming your mind." I know for me, I've had to relearn some eating habits (still learning actually) and it's made a difference.

Again, congrats and keep it up!

HiHoRosie said...

I really need to proof read my comments before submitting! Hopefully you understood my gibberish. :)

Keriann said...

BUNNY! this was such a great video! I think people are loving you so much because you are REAL. you are funny, intelligent, kind, and a lot of people watching can relate to you and your journey. you are an inspiration to me and have become a part of my daily routine. i was absolutely THRILLED beyond belief when you started speaking about changing your mind. Practicing Buddhism for a few years now, understanding the mind was one of the most powerful teachings i've ever experienced. all it takes is a shift in your mind and when you finally realize that you have complete control, things start to seem much more simple and uncomplicated! which is always a good thing :) especially with raw food...if you can change the way you're mind has always perceived cooked and unhealthy food, you can find a whole new appreciation for everything that enters your mouth. its truly are you!! keep up the good work, keep smiling and laughing, keep breathing and loving life, keep eating raw!! i am so excited for another week with you...let's see what obstacles we can over come this time around...and how much fun we can have as well :)

lots of love and peaceful thoughts,

p.s. toooootally trying that red pepper recipe tomorrow. it's so much fun and EASY to make a raw dinner! :)

Jenni Morrison said...

You are awesome! I found your youtube videos after watching a Phillip McClusky video, and watched them all today. I have a lot of weight to lose, and I've been trying some raw foods. Have you checked out I find great recipes there, I love the one for spicy tomato salad dressing.

Jenni Morrison

Isle Dance said...

(((((((YOU rock!!!))))))) I am so happy for you!!! You are so talented and brave and successful at this!!! WAY TO GO!!! Your videos make me smile and now I'm going to pass them on to a bunch more people again. LOL!!!

Prisstopolis said...

Hello BunnyBerry!
I found your blog through rubyvroom on twitter. I've been raw-fooding since February, and I noticed a change in energy and appearance by the third day.

Great videos, and your little Spiderman is adorable :)


Mary said...

I found your blog through another one and I just have to You are such an inspiration. You are like one of my new heros. I have been slowly going raw over the last few weeks and you are such an encouragement for going totally raw. Maybe I need to try a 100 day raw!!


Lisa, aka Pixywinks said...

Hi Bunny
I found your blog through Penni today. I love love love it! All your videos are great. I sat and read your whole blog when I should be cleaning my house...

You rock girl. I'll add you to my blog list. I'm originally from Alabama so I feel your pain about not being able to find young coconuts and other raw foodie staples.

Pixy Lisa

Bunny Berry said...

Holy raw macaroni, Batman! Hi, everybody!! And thank you so much for all of the lovely comments and encouragement.

I just spent a wonderful morning in the kitchen getting ready for the upcoming week. I'm looking for a good sesame seed cracker recipe. Anybody got any ideas?

MWAH! I kiss you!


Rediscover Raw Food said...

I am soooooooo glad I found your blog! First of all, you use music from one of my all time fave movies, so you are immediately liked. More importantly, your attitude is inspiring and motivating!

Congratulations on unsubscribing from the gastric bypass do-hickey. I'm so impressed that in only 20 days you've discovered the secret to true health--the mind change! It's something I rediscover again and again. Wishing you well on your journey ~ Candice.

Michelle said...

Oh my gosh, I am not alone! I am the exact same way with weight watchers. I would starve the whole day so I could eat chocolate cake or pop or something crappy.

What a great journey you are on. I am glad to have found your blog. I am looking forward to the next week too!


Anonymous said...

I am so hooked on your videos! Your personality is sooo infectious!

I see a book and dvd in your future....keep up the great enthusiasm and progress!

Your cyber buddies are cheering you on!!

Please come to Raw Spirit with us!!