Friday, May 23, 2008

Day 40 of 100 Day Raw Food Challenge: WEIGH IN DAY

Today is another WEIGH IN day. Despite Penni sending me all sort of delicious treats that I pigged out on, I am still happy with my weigh in!

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend, everybody. See you on Monday.


Heather said...

Congratulations on the weight loss, Bunny! Weight never seems to come off fast enough, does it? Keep up the good work and have a wonderful weekend! Cheers, Heather

Penni said...

I think 16 pounds in 40 days is amazing! I have only lost 8 pounds in the last 10 weeks....and all I do is drink juice. I lost the majority of my weight early on in this juice feast. are doing GREAT and I'm really glad those sticky nuts didn't stick to your bootie!

Have a marvelous long weekend!


LolaBloom said...

Congrats Bunny!! So awesome and even with raw treats to boot! Life is GOOD! I've just started day 8 and although I've had a couple hiccups (organic dark chocolate & crackers) and FIERCE Starbucks cravings (just the ritual of it really I am addicted to), I feel like a million bucks.

In only a week I have NOT had any of the following, which were DAILY issues for me:

Skin issues

Stuffy nose/head/sneezing/seasonal allergy stuff

Asthma (was using inhaler 1-8x/day prior!)

Tummy issues -cramps, bloating, the D word, etc.

Mental fog, inability to focus



YES!!! Just in the past 7 days of eating raw, I've experienced not one of those symptoms at all. I am so ecstatic! My skin is clearing up, I have energy and I just feel great!

The big test will be tomorrow's bbq with all of my friends. I am making my own stuff to bring to eat so I think I'll be good.

I can't THANK YOU enough for the inspiration to finally take my life back and get healthy!! This 100 day challenge was just the right fit for me in order to give me what I needed to go for it.

Love, peace and green veggies to you Bunny!

Antony Heaven said...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the weight loss,
You can also think that of your
16lbs = 64 sticks of butter also. Now thats an eye opener. Have an awesome weekend.

Viv said...

So proud of you for keeping that sugar bag unopened. Perhaps you should take it to the "Hazardous Waste" drop off!

We rejoice with you for your fabulous progress. Increased health and weight loss to boot. How great is that?

Have a groovy cool weekend.


HiHoRosie said...

Congrats lovely lady! Keep up the good work! Enjoy the long weekend!

Lisa, aka Pixywinks said...

Congratulations! I lost some more weight myself. It's a great feeling.
Keep up the good work. You are amazing for hanging in there. You are gonna be smokin' hot in Paris!
Pixy Lisa