Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Day 45 of 100 Day Raw Food Challenge: Country as Cornbread

Today I am as country as cornbread! I show off my country teeth, and talk about how my brain is not yet ready to accept a sustitute for good old fashioned bread!


Penni said...

You make my day! I love how honest you are....snaggle tooth and all! I don't think we're ever going to find fluffy french baguettes in the raw food world. Believe me I've tried. I do have a great raw cornbread recipe I'll send over your way since you're all down home & country right now anyway. I'll put a few recipes together and see what you think.

Later, ya'll....

Anonymous said...

bunny i want u to know i love how honest warm loving and brave i was yes i said was on raw food i last 2 week in jan and lose weight but when off for hubbbt love job veg cost to much lost of stuff but listen to u and all the other we going back to raw sat when we go to the farmer market which i totally love so keep it up stay on track mango

Anonymous said...


I love your blog. I am learning about how to eat raw right now, too.

I found this website with tons of recipes. They even have banana bread. Yum!

Anonymous said...

there are definitely certain kinds of foods that just don't translate from SAD to raw. For example, I'm sorry but raw pizza is not pizza, It tastes yummy, but if you are expecting pizza forget it.
One thing that really helped me was thinking of raw food as a different cuisine that has its own particulars. For example Indian food or Thai food has special ways of being prepared and their own usual ingredients. I think the same can be expected of raw cuisine. When we accept it for its own creature I think it is easier than hoping to mimic cooked food. Just like vegan "meat" it never tastes as good as the real thing, personally I'd rather just walk away from it entirely than try to find the pale comparison when there are raw dishes that are so fabulous.

loulou said...

Hey crazy lady, I know what you mean about bread. I missed it so much when I first went raw. I don't miss it any more, luckily, because there are very few decent substitutes. I prefer 'wraps' using romaine lettuce leaves instead of a soft flour tortilla, for instance. I did have some of's amazing carrot-onion bread and though it's not anywhere near standard bread, it's the best I've ever tried.
I'd also like to introduce you to for recipes which the community votes and comments on, so it caters for your 'tried and tested' plea in that people have tried them and offer their opinion.
Here's their bread list for you to peruse:
You're nearly half way. How are you feeling? Thoughts on your journey so far?
Keep at it, Bunny! Love from London x

Bunny Berry said...

langelbleu, that's very much how I feel. I have a hard time trying to substitute foods because I get so disappointed in the way they turn out. But the delicious gourmet raw stuff I'm making that is what it is satisfies me completely.

Tonight I made zuchinni (fettucini) with a pecan pesto sauce and tomato. All raw, all delicious!

pinkrobot said...

I have to agree with langelbleu. I'm only on my 32nd day, but for the last week have been CRAVING tortilla chips like crazy. Anything I've made that's been a mock-up of something cooked really hasn't turned out very spectacular. I look forward to learning more about this new 'raw cuisine' and finding other things to salivate over, rather than pining for cooked stuff. That doesn't stop me from thinking about freshly grated parmesan over pasta from time to time, though!
I second the suggestion - I've found some pretty amazing recipes on there!

Lisa, aka Pixywinks said...

Ok, you are never going to get a real "bread" taste (or high) from a raw version, but RAWvolution's Onion Bread is really good IMO.

I agree with Langelbleu; I don't think raw versions ever really mimic the cooked ones correctly. You just have to think of raw as it's own thing.

I think is a great site, it's just soooo slow to load. So make a click and go do a load of laundry or something and come back to it.

Pixy Lisa

Natasha said...

Bun bun! sorry about that! I just love nicknames, annoying, no?
Loved your post, you are hysterical.
Here are some websites for good recipes. Previous to being raw I was very into gourmet cooking, so I too, need to fill that void with dishes that actually taste incredible.
Of course you know about the book, "Raw Food, Real World".
Hope these help a tad.

Anonymous said...

You are the first thing I check in with in the mornings! Great entertainment as well as information and inspiration! I miss rice! Love that Indian cuisine! I've found some of the Essene breads (frozen section of healthfood stores)to be mostly suitable, especially the fruit flavors (spread with some cashew butter - yum!) My favorite kind of recipes are dried fruit and nut mixtures rolled into balls, especially mashed dates, ground cashews and coconut, cashew butter. They keep indefinitely in the fridge and are good travel foods, also hit the spot for "candy" and everyone likes them wherever I may take or send. I don't know if that craving for good bread ever goes away but after a while you start to remember how horrible you feel after indulging and think about what it's doing to your body, especially after being so great to your insides for so long. Keep your chin up - this vlog is great!

Judi said...

Hey Bunny!!!
I just joined your blog last week and am really enjoying your video posts.
I am transitioning s-l-o-w-l-y to raw and admire your ability to just jump in for a 100 days!!
I personally do not care for the copy cat recipes because my brain also does not translate well. I do like to be creative and make up my own yummy recipes. It is fun and I learn a lot about my own tastes when it come to raw foods.
My VEGGIE best,
p.s. chipped my tooth 2 weeks ago- Dang it all!

Heather said...

Hi Bunny,

I agree with everyone else's comments and have found that trying to mimic our favorite comfort foods just leads to disappointment. As a former big-time carb-a-holic, I know. But once you let go of the expectation and the hope that it might taste the same or have the same texture, all is good. And I agree with Lisa - the Onion Bread is RAWvolution is super yummy and is one of my favorite raw recipes. With some quac, tomatoes, and sprouts - delish! Cheers! Heather

Isle Dance said...

I don't do dehydrated foods at all and I avoid trying to replace the SAD items. Instead, I look for ways to go without, without feeling the loss. I'll post on my blog soon about this. Promise.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bunny....I just love your blogs, I think your adorable! I too am trying to go raw but find it difficult. I love food and have a very hard time when I go out to not eat regular food. I totally understand about not being able to forget what it taste like and I'm not sure I'll ever be able to give up cooked food 100% but I'm trying and that's what matters. So keep up the good work and stay beautiful!

sarabethxvx said...

For a STELLAR recipe (in my opinion) try the ami's raw apple pie recipe in her book, Ami's Raw Food Kitchen. It was great and I will definitely make it again!