Monday, May 5, 2008

Lazy Day Green Smoothie- Banana, Spinach, & Bluberry

This is a green smoothie recipe that you can prepare ahead of time, and put into the freezer. When things like fresh berries are in season or organic bananas go on sale, you can buy in bulk, and package up a bunch of green smoothies for the freezer. Pop them out and blend whenever you need a quick breakfast or meal. Perfect raw make ahead food.

Lazy Day Green Smoothie Step 1
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Prop open a freezer bag. Add two giant handfuls of spinach, one giant handful of bananas, and one giant handful of blueberries.

Remove excess air from the freezer bag. Label the bag and place in the freezer. If you are not using a freezer bag, just follow the same steps with whatever freezing container you like. I use Ziploc 1 Gallon freezer bags, and then wash them out and reuse them. I prefer freezer bags because they will lie flat in my freezer when I am preparing 14 to 30 days worth of meals at a time.

On Smoothie Day, empty your freezer bag into the blender. Add around 12oz of water. Blend!

You may need more water, depending on your blender. I have a cheapy blender, so I have to add tons of water to get those greens mixed in there.

This is how the smoothie will look after you blend it. Now, tip it back and go sit in the sun. Drink the whole glass, and think about something you are grateful for. Then GET BACK TO WORK!


Wendi Dee said...

That's a good idea, Bunny. It's so much better than pulling into McDs and ordering something quick. It's not as great as fresh, as I'm sure you already know. :-P

Many would argue that the frozen veggies aren't raw anymore, but I say if it works for you and keeps you eating/drinking fruits and veggies then it's awesome!

Lots of love to you!!