Monday, June 16, 2008

Day 65ish of 100 Day Raw Food Challenge

Today I resume my daily videos! And I'm back from my business trip to Honolulu. Extremely jetlagged, but happy to be home, and suprisingly still raw!


Viv said...

Hi Bunny,

Welcome back! We missed you. So glad you were able to stay raw. Really, what better place to be raw than HI? Sometimes though when we get together with friends, etc. we are more tempted...

Have a beautiful night's rest in YOUR OWN BED :)



Penni said...

I'm glad you're back!! Jet lag is always a butt kicker on a trip like that. Coming home is worse than going, don't you think? You did great in little raw bunny!

Prisstopolis said...

Hi Bunny!
You might have over-dosed on acidic fruits in Hawaii. Sometimes if I combine pineapple and mango or papaya in large amounts, I get a little skin irritation. I don't suggest eliminating any of those items from your diet. Just that you be aware of if your mouth or throat itches while you are eating them, and stop at that point for a day or two. I still eat pineapple often.

steph said...

yay! missed your videos!

and I'm glad to hear that the weight thing isn't so important anymore. you're looking great, and that's a good gauge. :)

Lisa (Pixywinks) said...

Glad you're back! Get some rest.
Pixy Lisa

sarabethxvx said...

hey bunny! you inspired me to make a video blog post today instead of just the regular typing... it's my first one so it was a little rough but you just look so cute doing it I thought I would try my hand ;)

HiHoRosie said...

Aloha and welcome back! You're gonna have the best sleep ever! :)

Isle Dance said...

YAY! Now go sleep, girl. :o)

Shani said...

hi bunny,

welcome back! i definitely missed you. hope the rest of the jet lag recovery goes smashingly!


Wendi Dee said...

Welcome home!!! It's hard to believe that you are almost on day 70! WOW!! That time has gone by so quickly.

I think you look fabulous, spots and all!

Lots of love to you, Beth!!