Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Day 66: 100 Day Raw Food Challenge: Raw Food More Expensive?

Today I answer a viewer's question about whether or not I think it's more expensive to be on a raw food diet.


steph said...

Hi Basil!

You two are so cute.

Lisa (Pixywinks) said...

Yeah. Hey there Basil. Wish I had a personal shopper. Seems like I spend all my free time at the grocery.

Wendi Dee said...

Basil, come on and join us on the greener side of life!!!

Bunny, in my home the cost of going raw has more than doubled. We used to rely on dried beans and rice a lot, which are very inexpensive. We never ate meat, so we don't save in that way.

However, the higher cost is SOOOOO worth it. I've made food expense our number one priority for our budget. We are all worth it! :-)

I saw your pups in the back seat and hoped you'd show them, and you did!! Yay! *Gives the pups extra loving and lots of petting.*

Lots of love to you,


Penni said...

I want to know about that black & white dog in the back seat. I think I have her long lost mate here in Tulsa. Eddie will be sending a photo separately.

Food is my passion, so I spend plenty. I have your same dynamic in my family, so we spend more trying to cover all of the bases. Gordon, my omnivore husband, is also a member of the skinniest men on earth club.

Viv said...

Hi Bunny,

I was so distracted by the fact that you were not wearing your seat belt that I could hardly pay attention to you vlog! You need to keep your raw food self as safe as you can. Please. (I've been a mom for 23 years :)

Eat your veggies AND wear your seat belt :)

Tons of raw love,


P.S. Your doggies are sooo cute.

Anonymous said...

Are you wearing your seat belt? :)
Love your blog thanks for the encouragement your bring in all of your video BIG FAN!

HiHoRosie said...

Cute puppies! And as Wendi Dee stated the higher cost is worth it. Sometimes it does boil down to choosing conventional over organic (depending on the item - some things aren't to be compromised!) but overall it works out.

I'm also going to jump on the seat belt bandwagon - both of you should always wear your seatbelts! Stay safe so we can enjoy many more vids from you. :)

twobadmice said...

Yay. You're back with the daily dosage of video. I missed you!
I have to agree: you & Basil & the pups are so darling.
You look fabulous, and actually sound a little different to me from the beginning of the videos... anybody else notice this?
I didn't notice the seatbelt- I was too happy listening to your beautiful voice.