Monday, July 21, 2008

Day 100 of 100 Day Raw Food Challenge! I DID IT!

Today is Day 100, I've lost 25 pounds, made amazing friends, and have changed my life with raw foods! I am so proud of myself for making it, and can't wait for the next 100 day challenge to start on August 1st.

If you're interested in doing a 100 Day Raw Food Challenge to lose weight, improve your health, and feel fabulous, you better get over to right now!

THANK YOU EVERYBODY! I could not have done this without all of your amazing love and support. I hope I can give it back to you in spades. xoxoxo, Bunny


Penni said...

I LOVE YOU!! You couldn't be any cuter than you are today, my love! That little country girl outfit looks good on you. Don't lose too much more weight cause when I come visit you in Atlanta next month, I may have to squeeze the Charmin!

Looks like you made it. Barry Manilow and I are very, very proud of you.

your partner in cacao,

sarabethxvx said...

bunny! I loved it! To 100 more to come!!!

kellie said...

Such a cool reflection on all that you've come through, Bunny! Congratulations again on making it--big time!!

Wendi Dee said...


Bunny, you entered this raw food world and completely changed the energy to one of even more love, understanding, compassion, inspiration, and most of all humor and fun!

You aren't only changing your own life, you are inspiring those who watch your videos to do the same with their own lives!

I love you, love you, LOVE YOU! I'm so very proud of you and looking forward to your fabulous RawFu 100 Day Challenge with all of your sweet vlog and blog followers!

Your new 100-day picture is awesome!! Congrats on the weight reduction, too! I bet you will knock your doctor off his seat the next time you see him! I also bet Adam Sandler is jealous of your talent on the ukulele! You are a RAWkin Hot Mama!

Lots and lots of love to you, Beth!!!


p.s. I'm curious what's going on with your diet between the end of this 100 day challenge and the beginning of the next one? ;-)

heather said...

Congratulations, Bunny! Awesome song. And you look great - you can really see a difference from when you first started. Great job! I love the hat!

Ryan said...

Oh my god. Fantastic! Congratulations... on the challenge, and the fantastic song!

Uza said...

Bunny . . .

you're da bomb!

You are to raw food what Oprah is to the masses. Only better, and funnier!

RawBin said...

Awww, bunny, you made me laugh and smile with this one.I liked your song, and you sing way better than Tiny Tim with the ukelele!

Your journey has been so fun to watch, and I'm looking forward to joining you on the next 100! You'll keep me inline so maybe I can be 100% everyday for 100 days!

Were your ears burning on Saturday? We were talking about you, your blog, your funny videos and the website!

We twitter buddies (RawTN, Blaqberry, and me) took a Raw-Fu picture in honor of you!

Can't wait to get you to one of our Raw Twitter Meet-ups.


Viv said...


Thank you for inspiring us, entertaining us and keeping it real for 100 days!

You look wonderful! You feel wonderful! You've gained hundreds of new friends! What a trip!

Looking forward to August first and beyond!


Vegannosaurus Rex said...

you're wick wick whack

Deborah said...

You are amazing! Bunny Berry's the bomb! Oh so talented and motivating. Can't wait to journey with you for the next 100.


loulou said...

Hey Bunny, congratulations on your 100 days - thoroughly challenged and overcome! It's been such fun to keep up to date on your progress, looking forward to the next 100!
Loved the song, fantastic. Thanks for all the effort you've put in to sharing your journey with us all.
You go girl!

Aimee said...

Awww. I got tingly all over watching and listening. You did it!!!!!

~Anastazia~ said...

LOVE the song, except I was watching it while oil pulling, & when ya got to the line about, "25 pounds fell off my butt!" I just about spit sesame oil all over my computer!!!
It's been a priviledge & an honor to share in even part of this journey with you, & can't wait to see what the next challenge holds for you, as well as all those you've inspired!
Keep on bein' you! We love ya as you are, & love to share in the changes, too!

Keriann said...

yay yay yayyyyy!!!!

so happy for you!!!!!

Melody Polakow said...

Congratulations! You really look wonderful and I'm so grateful that I found this site and Rawfu!

You are such an inspiration!!!

Thank you for being YOU.

Anonymous said...

yay! good job! i'm curious... what do you plan to eat the next 9 days? i mean im sure you arent gonna go all 'cooked-wild' and eat lots of chips and cookies.... keep us updated!

Birch Center said...

Great video! I love your day 100 picture. How I would love to lose 25 pounds...congratulations on that! You really rock!
~ Melissa

:: nbcreative :: said...

CONGRATS!!!!! you are so freakin' adorable, bunny :)

Keep it real, and we can't wait to see you again!!

Melissa said...

I am sooo glad I found you! Thanks for sharing your journey with so many. You are a very, very giving person. I love "The Bunny".


luvinraw said...

you are such an inspiration..i loved your song , as i did every one of your videos..i am just back from vacation and looking forward to starting this challenge and sharing it with all of you!!!

LolaBloom said...

BUNNY!!!! You are such a ray of sunshine my dear. Congratulations on an amazing accomplishment! You did so incredibly well and look at everything that has happened since? It's all so very wonderful and I'm SO happy for you and SO excited to be a part of the next challenge.

You look gorgeous, LOVE the cowgirl hat, you totally rocked it!

Big hugs to you! xoxoxox

Lisa (Pixywinks) said...

LOL! LOL! LOL! I'm laughing my butt off over this video. Love the song. Love your hat. Love your raw glow. You are really slimming up there gal. Woo-Hoo! Good for you!!!
Pixy Lisa

Isle Dance said...

Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! :o)

Anonymous said...

I check your blogg most days for inspiration and smiles!
So glad you won't be disappearing now that you've reached the end of your (first) 100-day challenge.

Thank you,

HiHoRosie said...

Woo hoo!!!!! CONGRATS Ms. Beth! How awesome is that?! You look fantastic! You can see a huge difference between day 1 and day 100. You're lookin so cute on day 100 with your hat and cute top. And you play the ukele? ha ha! That's so great!

Big round of applause and standing ovation for you! WTG!

Anonymous said...

You are just too cute! Awesome song! (or should I say Rawsome song? LOL) I can't wait for the next challenge to start!!!

Jason said...

Dear BUNNY! - you are so totally sporting the GLOW and Sparkly Eyes in the video, for reals!

Here's a poem for YOU:

- I am so happy for you -
- hip-hip-hooray!
- let's party for another 100 days!
- the skies'll be sunny with bunny, not grey
- We've been and will continue to be with you all the way!
- we watched your one woman parade as you soaked your nuts, INTENTIONALLY put greens in your blender, what say?!! make Ji-Cum-A fries[LOL], Oy Vey!! gorrila sandwiches, ants on a log, shop the farmer's market in Hawaii , and Eat Your Veggies...So Bunny, from all you raw friend, I hope you never go away!

(okay, so i suck at writing poems, oh well...;-p)

Bliss OUT! ^.^

Jason xoxo

eve said...

Jay for Bunny!

you're a true inspiration and hero wrapped up in one of the coolest packages I've ever seen. (luvv the creative way you fut yourself out there)
getting ready to join you for the next challenge :)
raw fu!
love, all the way from the other side of the ocean

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Job Well Done!

:) Connie

Megan said...

Congratulations bunny! Releasing 25 pounds is a fantastic achievement and you are looking so cute!
I hope to do as well in the 100 day challenge :)

Anonymous said...

I just love you!!! You are so rawsome! Congratulations.


Lauren said...

Congratulations! You look fabulous! Good luck with your next challenge!!

Dhrumil said...

Big ups Beth. You baller!

Audry said...

Hooray! You are a DYNAMO, Hunny Bunny ;) They are going to have to rewrite the LAWS OF PHYSICS because of you, Woman!!! You are a force to reckon are changing the world in ways that no one can even explain...


Sarah said...

Congratulations :-)

Antony Heaven said...

Congratulations Bunny!!!!

You are an inspirational and a bundle of love and good will, great ideas & general fabulousness

Thank you :-)

Natanya said...

Yay Bunny!!
Congratultions on your achievement :)
You rocked it sister and I'm looking forward to spending the next 100 days with you and RaFu crew! oo that rhymed :)

Stay Juicy,

Green Diva said...

Congratulations! Thank you for sharing your journey. You are so funny and adorable. I'm with you for the next 100 day challenge, can't wait!

Elisabet said...

Beth, you look beautiful and sexy in your Day 100 Outfit! That is such a major accomplishment, I take my hat off to you!!!! You're an inspiration. And the song completely wrawked!!


Fruit Dragon said...

Wow, I've been seeing your name all over lately! Good job, everyone is talking about you!

badash said...


Elaine said...

You are such an inspiration!!!

Anonymous said...

So proud of you, Bunny! You are changing yourself on the inside and out, mind, soul, and body!
Way to go!!

Mermie said...

Can't wait for Augest 1st.
I am down with it. ;)