Tuesday, July 22, 2008

RAWvolution Gourmet Living Cuisine- Gushing!

Today I am a shameless hussy over Matt Amsden's gorgeous raw food cookbook, RAWvolution. I want to eat whatever Matt is eating, because let me tell you, he looks fabulous. Oh, and the recipes don't look so bad, either.

I'll be giving one of these away on http://www.rawfu.com as a prize for the first 10 Day Mini Challenge. Deliciousness!


Aimee said...

You sold me...if I don't win one I am getting it. If only for the rawfood pin-up guy inside.

sarabethxvx said...

1. you should totally be a sales person, because I have be debating buying that book for two months, and you just sold me.
2. how cute are his knuckles! I see a future tattoo..
3. So awesome that after 100 days of eating raw foods you eat a cooked meal and go "eh!"
4. If you make the onion bread use less braggs or nama shoyu than the recipe calls for. I only use a 1/4 cup and it is PLENTY salty. Even for a bunny! Oh and I add half an apple to my puree
5. I am so ready for "everybody is RAW FU fightin!"

Penni said...

I see how you are now. Besides your very own darling husband, Basil, Matt Amsden is a charter member of the skinniest man on earth club. And yes, he is totally a groovy cool hot raw boy!! I am so happy for you that you rewarded yourself with a new book of beautiful raw inspiration. I LOVE the recipes and it's awesome that you're giving away a copy!!

Lisa (Pixywinks) said...

Yeah, Bunny, Matt is a total hottie. Love his recipes too, but I have to cut back on the salt/Nama Shoyu in almost all of them. So be forwarned... taste test before you dump the whole amount in there.
Pixy Lisa

Birch Center said...

Matt Amsden's recipes are great! Rawvolution is my favorite raw recipe book to use (along with Ani Phyo's.)

Birch Center said...

Oh...I just read Lisa Pixywinks comment about the salt and I totally agree. I cut the salt (and tamari/nama shoyu) WAY back on every recipe from his (otherwise awesome) book.
~ Melissa

Wendi Dee said...

I was smiling during the entire video when you started talking about RAWvolution and Matt Amsden. That's my all-time favorite raw food preparation book. In the beginning of making gourmet raw foods, I used to joke that Matt was my boyfriend. My daughter used to giggle, but my husband started getting a little annoyed because I maybe said it a little too much. LOL

So, even though you know I have the book, I still want to be in on the competition to win another copy! My current copy is falling apart--literally pages falling out and getting mixed up all the time--because it really is my favorite food prep book! Of course, I'd be happy to donate my used, falling apart copy to the second runner up if I win first place. :-P

Bunny, you are so awesome and creative and energetic and inspiring! If you were around when I first started going raw, I soooo would have been bowing down to touch your feet, darling. You are doing some amazing things for so many people!! I love you, love you, LOVE YOU!


rebeccaj said...

bunny berry, i am a capricorn TOO! when is your b-day? i'm jan 14.

and i'm glad i'm not the only raw girl with a sooper-crush on hottie mattie. slurp.

Lauren said...

Hey Bunny!
I wanted to let you know I nominated you for an award. Check out my blog for the details. You are so inspiring, funny and wonderful, you definitely deserved it!

badash said...

You are amazing, Bunny! Every single video I watch of you always makes me smile.

I have been saving up for that book! I LOVE IT! and the pictures, haha!

HiHoRosie said...

Woo hoo! I so want that book too! ;)

See you on the boards.

Anonymous said...

I have that book and i love it! I love that most of the ingredients are already in my kitchen! It's a very easy and realist uncook book!

oh, and I'm with Sarabeth, use less braggs in the onion bread!

Megan said...

lol this post really cracked me up :)
i just picked up this book after drooling at all the pictures in the bookstore. i'm really looking forward to making the onion bread this weekend - yum!
thanks for making me smile :)