Thursday, July 10, 2008

Day 89 of 100 Day Raw Food Challenge-Where is My Package??

Today I admit to stepping on the scale a little early for my weigh in, and also admit to the body image issues and insecurities that come along with not getting my 5 lb weight loss package!!


Anonymous said...

I'm total with you Bunny!! We all have our moments. Also if your on any meds this might slow down weight loss as well. Just remember this is for your health and the weight will come off it just takes your body time to release it. Your looking great and you have nothing to worry about at that dinner. They are going to love you no matter what.


Deirdre said...

Hi Bunny - two thoughts: 1) if you're working out at all, you might be gaining muscle, which of course weighs more than fat, but still becoming more toned and in better shape. 2) I've been raw for 3 months now, and have noticed that changes really come in leaps, with long plateaus in between; it's not really a steady progression. So just have faith and ride out the plateaus, and one day you'll wake up and see all kinds of amazing changes!

Penni said...

If it's any consolation, you look so good to me. I mean check out the difference in your early videos verses the more recent ones. You are looking more alive, vibrant, sexy and yes, my friend, noticeably thinner. I drank juice for 92 days and only lost 27 pounds. I didn't eat a morsel of food except the communion wafer.(God those tasted good, btw.)

Anyway, go have fun in Atlanta. Be athe superstar that we all know you are and give Dhrumil a great big hug from rubyvroom! Also look for Chadd from Atlanta, I think he's a raw hottie.

I love you.

heather said...

Oh Bunny, I totally understand where you're coming from. The weight can never come off fast enough can it? Even though I lost about 40 lbs since staring raw, I haven't lost any weight for about 7 months. I weigh myself nearly everyday and just want to scream 4 letter words some days. I stand there and think "I eat raw food for cryin' out loud - why am I not skinny?!!" But I just remind myself that I'm not gaining weight and I feel great and look just fine. I know what my weaknesses are - too much avocado, too much wine, occasional cooked food after having too much wine...I probably just eat a bit too much overall. But I know I'm super healthy! Your weight will come off - it just never happens fast enough, I know. But think of all you've accomplished so far, not what you haven't accomplished. You really do look so much different from your earlier videos. It's workin' - hang in there! And have fun tomorrow night - it sounds like a blast.

Deborah said...

Penni is so right ... you look so amazing ... seriously ... go check out your own early vlogs!

I think that you are setting down an amazing and long lasting base to work with. Nothing worthwhile comes quickly or easily. After the way most of us have eaten most of our lives, it might take some of us time to sort things out physiologically.

Go have a ball with the group in Atlanta. You really represent the majority of us and what we are going through ... so proud of you.

Uza said...

Bunny, Bunny, Bunny . . . .

You've got to know that everyone who is going to this thing already knows you and are wetting their pants with excitement to MEET YOU IN PERSON!

You are the THANG girlfriend!

Perhaps you are not as toxic as some of us and this is why the weight isn't coming off so quickly. A lot of the tremendous weight loss stories are just that: Loss of water and toxins, not fat.

It will come off. Watch Langelbleu's "188 Thousand Words" blog if you haven't already. It is lengthy but SO worth it not to skip any of it. Believe me you will be inspired and reassured!

Oh, and last I checked there were like 192 members . . . :-)

Uza said...

Oh yeah, and you TOTALLY look awesome! It's what we tell you that count . . . scales lie, friends never do (not real friends).

Wendi Dee said...

I think you are looking healthier and happier and slimmer in every video, Bunny!! I had stalls in the weight loss, too, but my body continually kept shifting and looking/feeling different. Can you notice any changes like that when there is no weight drop?

My 90 pounds came off slowly, which I thought was because I had already been eating healthy so I wasn't going to see drastic changes. However, now that you mention you have PCOS, I have (had?!!!) that, too. So, that could very well have been why it was slow going with the weight drop. However, my body continually showed signs of change and health, which was my goal, so I was extremely happy all along the journey.

You'd think after being 90 pounds lighter, I'd be feeling all sexy and wanting to wear revealing clothes to show off my new body, but I still have that mental insecurities going on. So, even if your package had arrived when you wanted it, you might still be struggling with the mental stuff. I think the mental aspect of getting healthier is much more difficult to achieve than physical health. I'm working on it, though!

Anyway, you are beautiful and vibrant, dear Beth! I hope you feel fabulous and open your arms to all the love that others will undoubtedly want to shower you with--I wish I could be there, too!

Lots and lots of love to you,


Anonymous said...

Plateaus suck, but they mean that steep cliff to the weight loss plunge is only a short journey away. That being said, here is some advice.

1.) Exercise. Please. It will help you hold on to your muscle mass even if you do lose a good deal of weight and also, weight maintenance is rarely attainable without the help of regular exercise. This coming from experience and other sources.

2.) Write what you eat down. I was once a member of Weight Watchers too. This is a valuable tool. Helped me lose weight, just cause it holds you accountable, even for a few spare bites here and there. I'm not saying you need to be supper obsessive about it or anything. It'll also help you pick out patterns in your diet that might pinpoint why.

3.) Be a happy Bunny :) Be proud of your body, it makes you the beautiful individual you are. Whenever you are down about your body, close your eyes and take a moment to feel the life inside of you. It's a blessing.

-Shalee (knows you have to truly love yourself BEFORE true sustained weight release is even possible)

Lisa (Pixywinks) said...

Bunny Hunny,

I know it's so hard to be patient with your weight. I've been diagnosed with that polycystic thing too. I could never lose any weight easily.

I've been in plateau mode since my juice feast. Even drinking just juice, I only lost 28lbs in 74 days. I'm just ecstatic that I've been able to keep it off. Now I'm sweating my ass off in hot yoga and I haven't lost one pound, but I am building muscle. My body shape is changing, and my clothes are falling off of me a little more every day. I feel better than ever, so that counts for a lot.

A word about the pineapple from the last post: I had terrible problems with it burning my tongue and mouth after just about 4 or 5 bites. After my juice feast, I'm able to eat all I want with no burning sensations. That made me think it was a low stomach acid thing or something that green juice can cure. Just a thought.

Keep your shrinking chin up. You do look thinner in every video. Smash those scales with a hammer. You are doing great.

Pixy Lisa

LolaBloom said...

Let me just say that I can totally relate!! I have to thank you for you sharing this with us though, it's refreshing to hear someone's story that I can relate to and to know I'm not the only one that isn't achieving the rapid weight loss that seems to be the only thing I read about sometimes. I often ask myself if I'm the only one that really isn't having such fast success with the weight loss.

What I realized when watching your video is that I think we're not alone at all, I think there are many people in the same boat. I think that we tend to not want to really talk about the fact that it's not going as well as those folks who are having some extraordinary results early on in that department!

Have a wonderful time in Hotlanta, it'll be a great experience to hang out with Dru and the other folks! Keep up the awesome work Bunny!

Anonymous said...

Bunny I think nearly every woman on the planet can relate to your post!
So many good things have already been said, so I wil attempt to not be redundant.

1. In my experience despite a 100% raw diet 99% of the time, I eliminate weight pretty slowly. As I believe you already know I've got the autoimmune thyroid thang. For the last 6 months, I've been hovering in the same 5 pounds up and down since I juice feasted in January, but my clothing is fitting differently and I look slimmer in photos. It has taken my body an entire year to eliminate 39 pounds which means I've eliminated 3.25 pounds a month. Heck you're eliminating at more than double my rate!

2. This leads me to the metaphysical question. What are we really doing when we are transmuting the matter of our bodies into thin air? If you think about it this way it is pretty incredible and amazing stuff. On top of that, go to the grocery store, and toss 21 lbs of ground chuck into your grocery cart and just look at how much flesh you have already eliminated from your body. It is nothing short of miraculous!

3. When a body is healing itself I think it often needs to use its resources for the most important need, eliminating weight literally takes a lot out of our bodies, some times I think we just need a break so we can come back to balance.

4. Also In my experience fat stores can also function to protect your body from accumulated toxins. I actually believe that often our fat keeps toxins both physical and emotional in stasis. Our bodies innate wisdom sometimes slows the weight loss down so we don't crash and burn.

5. I think there is a big difference between "Losing Weight" and "Eliminating Weight" and Transforming your Body. Losing weight is much more superficial, it is often done at a cost to nutrition and health. And as Revvell often reminds us in her podcasts, if you lose something, you are probably going to want to find it.

I know that for me patience in this process has been so crucial, because I too look at these crazy raw weight loss stories (hell Philip eliminated 200 pounds in 2 years!) and feel frustrated at times. I have to remind myself that all bodies are different and acceptance is the key for my continued success.

I hope these musings have been helpful.
Big Luvins to you!

Melissa said...

Just remember Bunny that you're not getting ready for next swim suit season you are getting ready for the rest of your life. I lost 35 pounds in 8 months in 1997 and it's still lost. And that wasn't even raw. With your attitude and determination it will happen. We all know you can do it!
With Hugs...Melissa

Antony Heaven said...

Hi Bunny :-)

Lots of support and advice here. I just want to say that you fabulous. You are fabulous. Trust the process & have a fabulous time before, during and after your event :-)

Antony xx

Anonymous said...

I love you Bunny! Thanks for being so real!

sarabethxvx said...

bunny, your face looks slimmer since last week. I was noticing in your last video and thinking "she definetly is gonna get the package this week!" so take that for what it's worth... maybe the scale doesn't see it but we do! I am up 2lbs since my low I was SO excited about earlier this month but I am trying to to freak about it, I tend to fluctuate a bit anyways depending on the time of the month so maybe I am retaining a little right now. Or eating too much ice cream ;)
xo hang in there

:: nbcreative :: said...

BUNNY!!! Please don't let your insecurities keep you from coming up to meet us :). I'm really excited about connecting and seeing you! Any yes, we alllll have insecurities. It's so much easier to "ramble on" as you said when you don't have a live audience, but don't hold back tonight! :)

Isle Dance said...

You're doing fantastically! No matter what. It's all about the journey. :o)

Uza said...

:: nbcreative ::

I really like your work! Very clean and fresh.

badash said...

Hey this is Ashley - I sat next to you at R. Thomas..... I just wanted to say hey!

and do you know who got a pic of the crew??? i'm looking forward to your posts about it!

Have a great day...

OH and i have to agree with the person who said muscle weighs more than fat..... dont worry, everything will be totally FANTASTIC. Give it time!!!!!

keep your head up - you look GREAAAAAAT!!! you are such a beautiful person and you are full of character!!!!

raw collective said...

I have found a terrific inspirational video that I play when I want a motivational push! You guys have probably heard of David Wolfe- Amazing! Watch the entire video!