Monday, August 4, 2008


HOW IS YOUR DAY 4 GOING? I'm sure there are plenty of people out there on day 4 who are cursing my name, and wishing they'd never found my stupid vlog on YouTube. But hey, I show you how to make fried food Raw Fu style, so you have to forgive me!

P.S. I keep saying sesame seeds in this video, but they're SUNFLOWER SEEDS!!


Uza said...


I need to try this with zucchini!

chasmyn said...

Damn, Bunny, what are you trying to do to me - I miss okra SO much! I'm from MO originally so of course we had okra all the time, but here in BC I cannot find it ANYWHERE!

Yes, I'll make it with zucchini - no shortage of those around - but it isn't the same!

Violet said...

not only am i not regretting that i found your vlogs on youtube months ago, but i feel blessed to have found them! i will totally make this when i get a dehydrator, since i was a kitchen ho for vegan-style southern foods. i miss them so very much, and this recipe gives me hope. wow! okra! i love okra so much. cannot wait to incorporate it into my rawfu repetoire!

keep on rawkin,

Anonymous said...

It looks so good! I want to move back to TN where we had okra gallore. Here in the Pacific Northwest I rarely find it and it's not warm enough for long enough to grow it.

Wendy said...

Being that I am of mongrel blood (half Southern, half Yankee), you would think I would like okra, but the thought of it makes me ((shudder)). My dad is from Virginia, and cursed okra from the time of his childhood. Funny, my Yankee Mother loves the stuff. Dad apparently suffered severe psychological damage from being forced to eat ~slimy~ okra. Ewww. So I have only tasted the vile substance once, and had to spit it out. Mind you, I am NOT a picky eater. But I am willing to try this. Once. I'll let you know how it goes. (taking deep, calming breaths...)