Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Gypsy Mama is Going to Mayo!

This is my friend Gypsy Mama. She is a wife, mother of a beautiful 5 year old, and a Raw Fu Challenger. She is trying to go raw with us over at Raw Fu, despite the fact that she is about to embark on a very scary and intense 2 weeks at the Mayo Clinic. There is something wrong with Gypsy's lymphatic system, and her body is retaining fluid at an alarming rate. In a video blog recently, she disclosed that she had gained 11 pounds in a WEEK, all fluid.

Mayo has accepted her as a patient, and has told her to plan to come and stay for 2 weeks as an outpatient, so that she can be thoroughly poked, prodded, and scanned. I'm very worried about Gypsy, since she has been recently complaining of having a high fever. I can't wait until she gets to Mayo on August 26th!

One thing that insurance and Mayo do not cover is housing for outpatients. So, Gypsy is going to have to stay in a hotel for 2 full weeks. Her son and husband are worried sick about her, and will not let her go alone, of course! The cheapest place they have found to stay near Mayo is $47/night. So, housing alone for the trip is going to cost close to $700, not to mention the cost of them trying to find healthy food to eat while on the road. With limited funds, you can imagine how stressful this must be.

Gypsy set up a website at www.NoahsCloset.com, and is trying to sell a few things out of her house to raise money to help them pay for their hotel stay. So, please check that out.

BUT, I personally don't think Gypsy needs to be worrying about hosting an online garage sale as she is getting ready for her trip to Mayo, so I would like to Pay It Forward, and try to collect enough money to cover as much of her housing costs as possible.

I have been given so much since the beginning of my raw food journey, including better health. Our HEALTH is so important, and I think we all know women like Gypsy. Women who give and give, and never take the time to take care of themselves. That's what mother's do, isn't it?

Fellow Raw Fu Challenger, Penni Shelton has graciously donated $150 to Gypsy's Club Mayo Fund. And I am matching her donation. Sorry, Gypsy, maybe next time we can send you to Club Med!

Brother, can you spare a dime?


Aimee (Bitt) said...

love that you are doing this!

Isle Dance said...

Way to go, Bunny. Lots of love to you, Gypsy Mama. Get poked, prodded and lots of wellness - soon. Okay? :o)

Rhonni said...

I'm always up for a Pay it Forward!