Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Raw Fu Challenge Day 54- Bunny Gets a Colonic

Today I went for my first colon hydrotherapy session, and I have to tell you, there is nothing to be afraid of, girlfriend! If you're thinking about having a colonic, watch some stuff on YouTube, Google it, and then give it a try, if you like.

It's not scary. Or weird. Or gross. Who knew?!


Bronwyn said...

Yahoo! I am so happy for you, YES!!!! I am thrilled to hear you will be doing a series of colonics. I am going for a colonic on Friday after having been away from getting them for about 7 months. It was only after my last series that I got serious about raw foods. I am so excited for you because I think that a clean colon may hold the answer for your weight loss and even a gradual diminution of the meds you are hoping to get rid of. Keep up the good work! God bless you!

GoldieLola said...

O.k. then.
That was pretty much a rave.
Oddly enough, didn't feel uncomfortable watching/listening to you describe your experience, which says a lot about your ability to make folks feel right at home under any circumstances.
Way kewl Miss Bunny.
I think I am going to start researching finding someone by me.

Wendi Dee said...

Wow!!!!!!! This was not at all what I expected to hear and I'm so happy for you!!! You look awesome. I would love to hear how you are feeling the next few days--like do you feel any positive changes in your body that maybe came from having the therapy done?

You are a brave woman, Beth!!

Lots of love to you,


Linda Salas said...

Cool! Must find hydrotherapist in my town, I'm sure there shoud be a couple of them!
Good for you!