Monday, September 22, 2008

What The Doctor Said

I am back from my General Practice M.D. He poked and prodded around in my abdomen, and made funny faces when I would say "Ouch" in certain places. He said, "They tell you in medical school that the abdomen speaks Chinese. It's hard to tell what it's saying without a translator." So, I am having an ultrasound and Upper GI X-Ray on Friday morning.

He's also doing bloodwork, and actually suggested that I might have a FOOD ALLERGY! He was very supportive of the raw food diet, and told me to keep it up. My blood pressure was 118 over 70. My pulse was 95. My oxygen count was 99%. And I've lost 30 pounds since I started raw foods in April. So, by all practical purposes, I'm healthier than I have been in years!

I'm happy to be having some imaging done. The more I know about what's going on inside, the better equipped I am to heal. The area where the gallbladder is was very ouchy to touch. The doctor suggested that the running to the John was either gallbladder attack related or just a run of the mill stomach bug. I have had a gallbladder attack in the past, with very different symptoms, but I definitely wouldn't rule it out as a possibility. The tightness between my shoulder blades was identical, and that feeling of not being able to get comfortable all weekend was definitely there.

So, imaging and bloodwork coming up.

I also got an e-mail from Matt Monarch, suggesting that I keep that colonic appointment tomorrow. He said that when you're feeling bad is the most beneficial time to go. I put a call back into the hydrotherapist, and am waiting for her to confirm that the appointment time is still open.

Away we go...


Paula said...

I'm glad you went to the doc, at least he was supportive of your raw foodness. There is a GI bug going around here in Tulsa so hopefully thats all it is. I'm wondering if the pain between your shoulder blades is muscle spasms (trigger points) they tend to happen when you over work those muscels. They get notted up and really hurt. Have Basil run his fingers over those muscles and see if he can't find some that feel tight. You'll know it if he does. Hope your better soon and all is well is bunny land? You are loved!


Wendi Dee said...

So glad to hear that things went well. I agree that it's nice to get imaging and tests done to see where you are with your health. By the time you're ready for the tests, I'm sure you'll be feeling 100% better!

I'm looking forward to hearing about your colonic. I just know I'm going to be crying with laughter! ;-)

I love you, Beth!


Penni said...

Oh Babaji be praised! You know I am a believer in the colon hydrotherapy, sister. If your gallbladder is full then there isn't anything any better you can do to facilitate healing and lessen the load on your organs. Also a very gentle gallbladder/liver flush could be in your future. I am so glad you've found a doctor who is supportive of your dietary efforts....they're hard to come by, but so worth building a professional relationship with!
Love you!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Bunny, I am so sorry for not following closer... Sorry you are going through this.. Hope things go ok. We have had a GI bug here in this house... starts with like pain in the neck goes to the head with a major splitting headache... then wham Slams you with either runs or upchucking or both... We just juiced galore and slept as much as possible..Debbie

debbiedoesraw said...

Hey Bunny
dont ya feel better after some high tech poking??
Hope it is just a bug.. or allergy. I think the colonic is a good idea.. even though you already feel cleaned out, they really get in there.. so to speak!
good luck on it all

LolaBloom said...

Um, I like your doc already.

Glad you are going for them to have a looksee into your tumtum, I've had a couple of those lately myself and it's nice to know what it is and what it isn't, ruling things out is always good too!

Keep us posted, good deal on keeping with the colonic, I'm overdue!

Linda Salas said...

I hope you are feeling better now, and I send you many wishes of healing and a big hug!

Anonymous said...

Glad you are making progress! I am going to be doing the Ideal Allertest (food allergies) and the Privatest for nutrition deficiencies (to make sure I am not deficient or oversupplementing) in the next week - I'll email you about how it goes!
I promise I will coax myself into getting a colonic for the first time too...

Keep me posted!


Bronwyn said...

I know that colonic will do you good, but consider haivng a series of colonics because you did not get into this condition overnight. Getting rid of all the junk on your colon will take a little time, but is definitely worth doing. You go girl. I had reservations, too before my first colonic. Now I am sold. They are a difinite help to me I hope you will find the same. Myfirst colonic was an emotional experience and I hope that you don't have a lot to do afterwards. A good massage and sleep sounds like the best thing. Lots of love