Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Transformation in Progress

I haven't watched this video since I made it back in March, and was shocked when I watched it today. This was right around 6 months ago. WHO IS THAT PERSON? I cannot believe the difference in my health, my skin, my attitude, my happiness between 6 months ago and now. I feel like one of those follow up segments at the end of the reality show, Intervention.

Go back and look at your before pictures today. And take a new picture of yourself now. It may seem like your progress is going slowly. The weight on the scale never moves fast enough. But look beyond the weight. Look at the color of your eyes. Look at the tightness of your skin. Look at your smile. Look at the whole picture. And share your successes with us. This is amazing!



debbiedoesraw said...

girl, you have under gone a MAJOR transformation.. your voice is even different, WOW, thanks so much for this.. I know that this Bunny will never be you again, yeah for the new you at this very moment in time!
love you

Anonymous said...

You have come soooo far! and helped so many! I was just telling my neighbor about you today!

You are a light filled, love filled blessing!

Bronwyn said...

The old has gone. The new has come. Praise God! I too have changed and I am so grateful.