Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Don't Give Up. You're Healing.

Raw Fu Challenge Day 68- Don't Give Up. You're Healing from Bunny Berry on Vimeo.
Today I want to talk to you. One on one. Just Bunny and the Internet. We need to talk about the reality of a raw food diet. And about how you may not be able to see the changes that are happening to you on the outside.

The scale may not move. But you're healing. Healing from the inside out. Don't give up. Trust the process. This is part of my story...



Anonymous said...

Bunny, you speak from the heart and it really shows. I appreciate your candor.

I have been losing weight now for 10 months and dropped 80 lbs. Recently (three months ago) I started eating more raw food and continued a steady weight loss but not really any different from when I was eating mostly cooked foods. But I have noticed dramatic improvements in my skin, my hair, my energy level and emotional well-being which I attribute all to a high-raw diet.

You are right to look at the BIG PICTURE. This isn't about instant weight loss - it is about long-term sustained HEALTH ultimately (in recovering from our illnesses and weight issues) and it take however long it takes.

I still have 80 pounds to go and that could take another 10 months or 2 years or ten years - it doesn't matter. I will still be vegetarian, I will still be high-raw and no matter what I will be healthy for the first time in a dozen years.

Thanks for your encouragement!

orchidbutterfly said...

What a marvelous heart to heart we've had. Thank you for putting yourself out there!!! You're amazing!!!

Gypsy Root said...

I am starting a raw foods challenge and came upon you on youtube while searching. Your energy radiates. You have definitely been an inspiration to me as I begin this journey. At the moment I feel a bit overwhelmed by all the information I have come across, but I am also so excited to begin.
Thank you for sharing and caring.