Monday, October 13, 2008


I've been outside a few times today to check on the garden. I kind of feel like I got a new pet. I hope this garden doesn't turn out like my Webkinz World garden. I kind of forgot to login to water and rake my garden for a few months, and when I went back in...ewww. Everything had turned brown. What? You guys don't play Webkinz? Well, you're missing out. All the kids are doing it.

I've been having a weird day. Intense coffee cravings. I've been feeling a little run down for the past few days. But instead of drinking coffee, I've been doing Pzizz's energizer meditation. I'll be telling you more about Pzizz tomorrow, because it's been something that has gotten me back into meditation, and is one of the coolest things I've discovered in a long time. AND it's the brainchild of Raw Fu member, Edward. Tune in tomorrow to learn more about Pzizz.

Edward is GENEROUSLY offering 50% off of Pzizz for all Raw Fu members. Use coupon code: rawfu

Honestly, I've been having kind of a hard day. Missing my father a lot today. I think I've been going through some emotional detox since I started the colon hydrotherapy. A lot of the grieving I didn't do at the time has started to resurface. It's amazing how much stress and emotion we carry in our bodies. As our bodies release the stress and gunk, the emotions come to the surface. Don't forget to breathe.


debbiedoesraw said...

Oh Bunny, you and the square foot crew Put a HUGE smile on my face!!
Basil: You Rock that "boots with shorts" look and are quite the engineer too!
Beckett: I know you are a bit young, but please consider my Sam, an older woman I admit, but anyone that can leap off cars fearlessly needs to be in my family!
Bun, your garden, your family and your supervisor dogs are the best. mine is not started.. yet!

Penni said...

You're making that offer of coming to stay in the gRITZ even more irresistible with that rocking Sq. ft. garden. Love you farmers!

Joanna RawTn said...

Stayed up extra late just to watch. Miss you guys as if we've been separated after hanging out for a lifetime! Connection? Call me anytime! Here's my laugh-a-min video link-->
Hubby in the barracks with 'the guys' Hard to believe, lol...