Monday, December 29, 2008

Andre's Revenge: Join the Next Raw Fu 100 Day Challenge NOW!

Join the Next Raw Fu Challenge

And we're BACK! It's time to ring in the New Year with a New 100 Day Challenge. Take the plunge with 100 days of support, love, and lots of leafy greens. Bunny will be back with daily videos, vision boards, special Raw Fu celebrity guest stars, Breakfast with Bunny calls, and more Cutting Board Cam!

Join the Next Raw Fu Challenge NOW!

All you have to do is Join the Raw Fu Community to be in for another 100 days of raw food fun. If you are already a member of the community, you're automatically in for the next challenge. Just jump into the forums, start vlogging, and post your pictures! I'm thrilled to have you back for another Raw Fu Challenge!

Go Ahead! Take the Plunge!


i'm Carrie, lovely to meet you… said...

woot woot!! will try my hardest to be a better participator this time!! getting very sick last time sure didn't help my challenge mojo so this time i'm more than ready!

Laura Lee Reaney said...

Hi Bunny, I am 54 years old, and am way overweight. I adore your centerdness, spirit and sense of h umor. I would like to know when the next 100 day challenge will be so that I can do this. I need this. How do you start this program and with what menus or ingrediewnts? I don't know how long you've been doing this, but was self control hard in the beginning? I don't want to fail. This program sounds good for me. Please let me know where to begin. Friends, I am sure, Laura Lee 2/14/09