Thursday, January 1, 2009

ANRE'S REVENGE: Day 1- You Gotta Get Your Greens

I am so excited to be back, and to have so many people joining in for the next 100 day raw food challenge! Whether you are committing to a salad a day or committing to going 100% raw, I am here to support you in your efforts. One thing I want to say right up front on Day 1 is this: YOU GOTTA GET YOUR GREENS! Eat them, juice them, smoothie them, whatever you've gotta do, it's all about the greens.

I am FIRED UP about my health right now, and am trying to learn as much about nutrition as I can to make the next 100 days of Raw Fu absolutely incredible. I have a big weight loss goal for this challenge I'm hoping to lose right around 35 pounds. So, this means I not only have to be prepared in the kitchen, I need to prepare square between the ears. I have to have myself in a place mentally that is setting me up for success.

Today I've been working the green smoothies and the juice.



Isle Dance said...

I've been stranded in snow and ice, up on a mountianous island, for three weeks withOUT GREEN SMOOTHIES! I think it's killing me. How did we ever survive without them before? I can handle the falling trees, the frozen pipes, the icy falls, the snow up to here - even walking for (what seems like) miles to drag home boxes of packaged food. But this has proven just how much I NEED my FRESH LEAFY GREENS in my life. I am so excited to begin my leafy green smoothies ASAP (as soon as I can get off this mountain) in 2009!!! :o)