Wednesday, March 4, 2009

ANDRE'S REVENGE DAY 61- Subcribe to RawFu Magazine Today!

IT'S HERE!! The new main page at is now live, and it's time to start subscribe to get the very first 3 issues of RawFu Magazine! Go directly to Subscribe to RawFu Magazine or you can click on the banner on the right side of the page to get there anytime.

I'm also happy to announce that ShopFu will be opening on Thursday March 5th, so you can start shopping in our online store, stocked with only items that RawFu Members have tried, tested, and are RawFu approved. Thank you to NaturalZing for being our distributor in the ShopFu project.

Please let me know what you think of the new site! And please support RawFu by subscribing to RawFu Magazine. I promise it will be the most entertaining raw food magazine you can get! Fun, educational, and full of RawFu stars!

So, that's what I did today! HOW IS YOUR DAY 61 GOING?