Friday, March 6, 2009

ANDRE'S REVENGE DAY 63- Why I've Gained 10 Pounds

So, there has been this topic looming out there that I've been embarrassed to talk about, but feel like I needed to address. I've gained 10 pounds back during this challenge. I have been sleep eating while taking Ambien. I finally figured out that I was eating junk food in my sleep, and asked my psychiatrist about it. He confirmed that Ambien can make you have episodes of amnesia and that people sleep eat, sleep walk, and even sleep DRIVE!

So, I'm off the Ambien. And hoping the pounds will start going bye bye again any day now.

Also, I gave myself kind of a bad haircut today. Feel free to point and laugh.

CHAT FU TONIGHT @ 10PM EST. Party Chat...come as you are.

HOW IS YOUR DAY 63 GOING? Any big plans for the weekend?



Stitchblade said...

Calms Forte! It's homeopathic and from Hylands. I love it!

Crystal said...

Uh I am a serious insomniac too. I am on ambien right now. I haven't noticed any problems but, I knew all about the sleep driving etc. when I started on it. I think the best thing is to figure out what it is from. Most of my insomnia is gone now that I am on Wellbutrin (which I hope to get off soon) because it helps my anxiety and that was a lot of my sleeping issues. The other issue is hormonal so I only have two weeks (separate) that I have insomnia usually. Of course there is the odd time where I cannot figure out why and am taking my ambien every day for two weeks or so at a time. If you find anything better do a big post on it cause I will try anything too!

Glad to hear your 10#s are going away!

Crystal said...

So I said I haven't had any issues with my Ambien...this morning I guess I got up and got my 3 year old out of his room and then went back to bed. I do NOT let him roam the house alone. Dh was getting ready to leave for work and thought for sure I was awake. I remember NOTHING.
Guess I should have knocked on some wood, huh? 8)

Violet said...

bunny- a friend of mine actually drove while on ambien! to the grocery store and bought breakfast fixins! then made herself a huge egg and toast and whatever breakfast.
holy moly!
anyhoo, she woke up to see a disaster in her kitchen, and the receipt on the counter with the date and time, and her debit card digits on the bottom of it!
at least you weren't endangering yourself or others with it like that, huh?!?!?
be well, and take a nap,

p.s. i like taking valerian and wood betony and passion flower for sleepiness.

Anonymous said...

Ambien is an hypnotic- I was told by a chemist that it doesnt really help you sleep, it just makes you forget you didnt sleep. It is dangerous.

(I prefer L-tryptophan and/melatonin)

Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

I have insomnia bad as well. I take melatonin capsules (buy them in the pharm section of the grocery store.) They are natural. I sleep like I have never before and after 8 hrs I awake refreshed. Oh and BB your hair looks cute!! I have always trimmed my own hair too but I think you did a wonderful job! ((hugs))D