Sunday, March 1, 2009

March- More Green Juice & More Cowbell

I have been on and off the raw food in February. It's time to turn things around in March and do things differently. I am committed during March to the following things:

1. Video a day in March- One coming up later today! :)
2. GREENS GREENS GREENS- My diet will consist only of green juice, green smoothies, and green salads. (And the occassional cacao cherry truffle because I HAVE to do an uncooking demo to show you how to make them!)
3. No cooked food. NO COOKED FOOD!
4. More cowbell on RawFu in March.



Agnesss =) said...

Hey hey !!

First time visiting your blog!! I'm happy to be here =D !!

Well,it's really great to see another one who's interested in the RAW lifestyle =DD!!

I'm Agnes and I'm a RAW VEGAN from Poland!! Have you ever been to Europe..?? =))

If you'd like to take a look at my blog..I'd be so happy to see a comment from you!! =D

Well,maybe we can exchange some thoughts,recipes etc..?? =))


Enjoy your time!!

debbiedoesraw said...

Oh well, if you are doing more cowbell than that is all I need!
love your green bunny spiciness!
deb xoxoxoo

Nathalie Lussier said...

I love green juice! I just got a new juicer and I'm making lots of green juices. :)

Also, I'm working on my new raw food web site: which is keeping me Raw focused. :)

Bunny Berry said...

@Agnesss= I'll definitely check out your blog! Thanks for coming by! And definitely check out Join the community, and have some fun. :)

@debbiedoesraw: Honey, I'd do anything for you. You want cowbell? I'll give you cowbell!

@Nathalie: I heart my juicer, and can't wait to check out your site! Join!

chicksinger23 said...

Hey Bunny! Would you please leave some recipes of what you are drinking? I want to drink more green smoothies and I need inspiration! Thanks lot!
Karen :-)

Miss Jamie said...

I have watched your videos and you are very amusing! Glad your rawness went well. I am doing 50 days of raw foods and hoping for some good results thanks for all your posting!